Monday, October 18

39.4% of Spaniards would support the republic in a referendum and 31% the monarchy, according to a survey

The confidence and satisfaction of Spaniards towards the monarchy is falling, according to a 40dB study for the Independent Media Platform (among them, CTXT, The jump or Public).

In relation to the satisfaction generated by the monarchy among Spaniards, there is a decrease compared to last year: while in 2020 42.1% of those surveyed said they were more or less satisfied with this institution, in 2021 the percentage has decreased almost 7 points (35.7%).

In addition, it has increased almost three points (from 26.5% to 29.1%) who say they are not satisfied at all.

Data from the second wave of the Monarchy Survey indicate that Spaniards place their confidence in the monarchy at 4.1, two tenths less than last year. Below this institution are political parties (2.9 trusted), the Catholic Church (3.2), trade unions (3.7) and Parliament (4).

It neither provides stability nor is it modern

According to the 40dB study, carried out through 1,000 surveys, 53% of those questioned believe that the monarchy is an institution from another time and that it does not make sense in a democracy (the figure was 47.9% in 2020).

Likewise, only 42% of those surveyed believe that the monarchy brings order and stability (48.1% in 2020).

Fewer supporters of a referendum

Paradoxically, the supporters of holding a referendum to choose the form of state have decreased: from 47.8% in 2020 to 43.8% in 2021, 4 percentage points less.

In the case of holding this consultation, 31% would vote in favor of the monarchy, 39.4% in favor of the Republic and the rest would vote blank, would not go to vote or do not know what they would vote for.

In contrast, last year’s survey showed that 40.9% of Spaniards would support the republic in a referendum compared to 34.9% who would support the monarchy.

Juan Carlos I, the worst rated

The emeritus king, who still resides in Saudi Arabia and who has been immersed in numerous financial scandals, is the worst valued within the Royal House, with a 3.2 note, one tenth less than a year ago.

Queen Sofía obtained a 5.6 and Felipe VI became the highest valued member with a 5.7 average mark.

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