Sunday, January 29

39 people missing after shipwreck off Florida coast



The United States Coast Guard has informed this Tuesday of the disappearance of 39 people after a shipwreck that left the Bimini Islands in the Bahamas and that, due to bad weather conditions, capsized off the coast of Florida.

On the boat, which supposedly left the Bimini Islands, in the Bahamas, when the weather situation was not favorable, none of the crew members had a life jacket, according to what a survivor of the shipwreck told the Coast Guard.

Investigators have explained that the shipwreck occurred on Saturday night, approximately 42 miles (72 kilometers) east of Fort Pierce, and believe that the vessel was being used for the human trafficking, as published by the Coast Guard in a statement on its Twitter account.

Various rescue ships and aircraft continue to search the area between Bimini and Fort Pierce. Authorities have so far not disclosed the nationality of the 39 people who remain missing.

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