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4 brands of Modena vinegar with good value for money for your summer salads

In another of our articles we already talked about authentic balsamic vinegar, that is why today we bring you a compilation of some vinegars and creams from Modena that will surprise you with their excellent value for money.

The brands of these dressings are committed not only to quality, but also to give variety to your recipes by creating different types of textures and flavors. Some are sweeter and others for the bravest, but all of them are perfect, mainly for your salads, but also for meats and sauces.

Pack of six bottles of Sibari

“The source of flavor and pleasure”, this is how Sibari, a 100% Spanish and innovative company, makes itself known. His speciality? Modena vinegar cream like this pack of six cans of 625 g each.

This cream is not only the most traditional and Mediterranean of the brand, but it is also presented in an original and practical container. Its dark brown color has a caramel tone and the union of sweet and acid flavors make it a pleasure for all palates.

Consistency, character and personality is what you can give to all your recipes, since this cream has a versatile use: from all kinds of salads to meat, foie gras, fish, etc. to sauces or as a tasty accompaniment to food. These six boats cost 39.90 euroswhich would be approximately 6.5 euros per boat.

Two liter bottle of Borges

If you want to never run out of vinegar at home, this two-liter bottle is a good idea for all those who have balsamic vinegar of Modena as a fundamental product in their usual diet.

One of the caveats is that this vinegar can have deposits, but don’t be scared, it is due to a process of resting in oak barrels that maintains its flavor and quality. To maintain these benefits over time, simply store it at room temperature in a cool, dry place away from sunlight.

The best thing about this bottle is that the two liters cost only 18.50 eurosalthough, for a little more price (10.49 euros), you can find the version of 250 ml pepade cream with balsamic vinegar from Módena.

La Chinata Bottle

At La Chinata they have been producing quality gourmet olive oil since 1932, but now they have broadened their horizons with food products and cosmetics, both developed with their own oils.

And not only that, among those horizons they have also launched themselves into the world of vinegar, such as this balsamic vinegar from Modena from the Emilia-Romagna region, in northern Italy. In it, old and new vinegars are mixed to obtain the best result, it has an intense flavor with a slightly sweet touch and is the perfect condiment in salads, roast meats and other hot dishes. Quality and good price united in a delicatessen product of 250 ml for 2.50 euros.

Pack of six bottles of Olis Bargalló

We bring you another pack of six bottles of 250 ml each, in this case from the Olis Bargalló brand and with an aspect that makes them more special than the average: each bottle has a different origin and flavor than the others.

Among them you will find two sweet and sour, one Merlot and one Riesling, a Sherry vinegar, a PGI balsamic vinegar of Modena, a Cabernet Sauvignon wine vinegar and, finally, a red wine vinegar.

It is nothing more than a premium product made up of all types of Bargalló vinegar so that enjoying all of them as a dressing for your dishes is pleasant and economical. They are made with care and presented in a black and red box to combine quality and style in the same product.

The pack costs 25 eurosthat is, four euros a bottle and you can have it in 24 hours at your doorstep so as not to keep the most anxious palates waiting.

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