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4 gadgets for less than 25 euros that will water your plants while you are on vacation

Those of us who have many indoor plants activate our bad conscience mode at the end of May, with the concern of seeing how we manage to keep them watered while we are on the beach, in the mountains, in some exotic country in Latin America or Southeast Asia, enjoying the holidays.

One of the most popular resources is call a family member, a friend or a neighbor that we know that he is not going to go on vacation at the same time as us and ask him to water our plants periodically. It can work, but sometimes even this trick fails us and we are left with no choice but to either let our inner green jungle die, or cancel the vacation, something we are not willing to do.

However, there is always some trick or gadget that can save us the situation and allow us to get out of it gracefully, keeping our plants well humid and watered despite not being at home. If in this article we presented you with some tricks to do it, then we show you four Amazon products that cost less than 25 euros, ideal for carrying out deferred irrigation.

Relaxdays Self-Watering Set for Pots

It is a system that will allow us to have the plants watered for a maximum of 15 days, during which the humidity of the soil will not be ensured, although it is a good idea before leaving to leave it well moist since the irrigation is produced by capillarity. . The water is introduced through the tube until it fills the sphere, then the object is stuck upside down in the stiff, so that the tube remains inside the earth and the sphere outside. The tube has a length of about 20 cm while the rows have a diameter of 8 cm.

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Fostoy Automatic Irrigation System Kit

It is a capillary irrigation kit, in which we drive a stake connected to a thread of textile fabric into the ground; On the other hand, we also insert the other end of the clothing thread into the same soil, thus facilitating the transmission of moisture to the ground. But the most ingenious thing is that the upper part of the stake is designed to connect to a plastic bottle, either large, medium or small, filled with water, in order to dispense it for up to 30 days.

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Aqua Control Biogel C21405

In this case, we work with plastic bags of water gelled in cellulose, which gradually transmit it by capillarity to the soil in the pot as it dries. Make a longitudinal cut in the plastic and bury it facing the ground, without removing the plastic, which will prevent evaporation. The duration of the irrigation will depend on the size of the pot, the humidity and temperature conditions of the room, as well as the initial humidity of the soil.

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Bio Green Ceramic Cone

In this case we work with ceramic cones, capable of receiving and transmitting by capillarity the water from a bottle that is installed on its upper part. They sink into the ground and little by little they are shedding that water, lasting up to 30 days in the best conditions.

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