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4 graphic tablets at a good price to learn to draw

Although we will always have paper and pencils, those who occasionally draw as a hobby may be interested in digital drawing through programs using the mouse or even a graphics tablet. Although they may seem like exclusive devices for professionals, there are input options for those who simply want to digitize their art.

Those who have ever used graphic tablets may be familiar with the mechanics and their use, but for those users who have never approached one: what exactly are they?

They are peripherals that simply make it easier for us to use some drawing programs such as Painter, GIMP or even Photoshop. That is to say, although there are some models that come with one, these devices allow better use of these applications since, when drawing, the use of the pencil is much more intuitive than the mouse.

And what do these peripherals consist of? Normally, the graphic tablet has a pen to be able to use it -not all tablets accept any pen, so it is advisable to use the brand’s own. These can be wireless and work through Bluetooth or simply connect by cable. Apart from this, few other things are included.

At ConsumptionClaro, we have compiled some models below 100 euros that can be an ideal option for anyone looking to improve or digitize their hobby.

Gaomon 8192

A tablet well below 100 euros that, in addition, is ideal in size for those who do not have much space on the table: 10 x 6.25 inches. The pencil is one of the great advantages of this model since it works passively, that is, it does not have a battery but can be used even if it is not charged.

It’s compatible with both Windows and macOS, so Apple users won’t have to worry. In addition, the manufacturer highlights that it is compatible with most programs -Photoshop, Manga, OpenCanvas, Krita, etc.-. On the left (or right, depending on our preferred hand) we can find some macro buttons to assign it to zoom, undo, etc.


But if we are looking to adjust the price a little more and something simpler, then the XP-PEN G640 is the best alternative since it not only represents significant savings, but also does not sacrifice quality or precision. Like the previous one, this tablet is compatible with both Windows and macOS, so it is suitable for any user.

The pen, like GAOMON’s, works through passive technology, so it doesn’t need a battery. In addition, it has two buttons to quickly switch, for example, between drawing and erasing. The space to draw, which is delimited by four white corners, is 6×4 inches, which is sufficient.

This graphic tablet also has compatibility with Chromebooks to be used with Word, Google Docs, etc. and even with the OSU game, a popular computer music title.

Wacom Intuos Small

Wacom is surely one of the most recognized brands when it comes to graphics tablets, especially when we look for models with good quality/price. The Wacom Intuos Small is a small size option that, although more expensive than the previous ones, does offer a significant leap in quality.

The main difference lies in the pen: it has a 4K pressure that translates into a precision of 0.25mm and a reading height of 7mm, although it requires batteries. Regarding the tablet itself, it has a useful surface of 7 inches (somewhat more than the previous ones) and an upper edge where the pencil can be placed. Also, if we buy this graphics tablet, it comes with licenses for Coral Painter Essential 7 and Corel Aftershot Pro 3, two Wacom drawing programs. Although this model must be connected by cable, it has a version with Bluetooth.

Wacom Intuos Small for €49.99 (offer)


Huion is another trusted brand in input graphics tablets that do not exceed 100 euros. It is an 11-inch tablet (the largest) that has, like the first, eight macro buttons to be able to assign specific tasks such as zoom or undo.

The pen, PF150, withstands up to 8192 levels of pressure -and a minimum of 2048- to change the thickness of the strokes, at the same time, it has a 12mm detection height and two (own) macro buttons to assign any task. Of course, it uses a rechargeable battery that, according to the manufacturer, lasts about 350 hours.

The Inspiroy drawing tablet has a 2.4G radio frequency wireless connection, so it is much more accurate and faster than one that works through Bluetooth. In addition, it is compatible with both Windows and macOS and works with most programs, whether they are drawing (Illustrator, for example) or office automation (Word, Excel, etc.).

HUION INSPIROY Q11K for €87.99

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