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4 razors, from Phillips to Braun, to take care of your beard

Men tend to go less often to the hairdresser, but those who grow beards may make more visits. Although it leaves us nickel-plated, this can be a great expense, especially if we want to maintain the result for as long as possible.

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An increasingly popular alternative is razors. According to the OCU, depending on the model, these devices can cost between 0.26 and 1.16 euros per cut. In addition, it is much more comfortable, since it allows us to fix our beard when we need it without having to leave the house.

Types of razors

In general, there are two types of razors:

Of sheets. They are made up of a metallic sheet that protects the skin – since it is what is in contact with it – and, under it, the blades that move linearly.

The advantage of this type of razor is that they have faster results, that is, it is more like the shave that we would get with a classic blade, since it catches shorter hair. In addition, its use is more intuitive.

Rotating. They are composed of round heads with blades inside that move circularly.

The main advantage of these machines is that they better reach difficult areas of the face, such as hair that grows around the ear or on the chin. They are also much quieter than foils, although they do not work as well with short hair.

There are some brands that specialize in a specific type of razor – for example, Braun mainly sells foil razors, while Philips identifies itself with rotaries. Depending on the beard we have, each type will suit us more.

The rotary ones are razors that perform better when dealing with leafy beards, while the blade ones allow us to outline our hair with greater precision.

What to keep in mind

Apart from the type of razors, it should be taken into account:

Feeding. There are “cordless” razors, that is, those that work through a rechargeable battery and those that have a power cord. The former are much more comfortable to use, but we risk running out of battery at the worst time.

The latter, meanwhile, need to be plugged in.

Weight and size. You have to think that the heavier and bigger, the more difficult it will be to control.

– Wet use. Some razors include a wet cutting mode, for use right out of the shower. Also, there are even some that can be submerged, so it can even be used underwater.

Accessories. It is important to look at what accessories our model has: brushes, oil, scissors, heads, etc.

PHILIPS S9031 / 13

The PHILIPS S9031 / 13 is a high quality rotary razor, albeit on a high budget. It is a shaver with an hour-long battery life, and with a fast charge to give a final touch-up if necessary, and very quiet.

The package includes a case to store or carry the razor and a mustache clipper. The shaver can also be submerged in water. For 146.40 euros (see offers).

Philips QP2520 / 30

Now, almost 150 euros may seem like a lot. If we are looking for a much cheaper option that helps us maintain our beard, then the Philips QP2520 / 30 OneBlade is the best.

It is a foil shaver with interchangeable blades that performs very well when it comes to speeding up the cut. Like the previous one, it is waterproof and can be used for at least 45 minutes before charging.

The biggest drawback is that you have to buy new blades when they break or wear out. For 45 euros (see more offers).

Braun Series 6 60-N1200s

The Braun Series 6 is a good choice for foil shavers. It has an autonomy of 50 minutes and a fast charging system in five minutes for a short shave.

It is a very light razor with an ergonomic handle with a non-slip texture. As we mentioned before, being a foil shaver, the result is much faster and, if we are looking for a zero shave, it is ideal. In addition, it can also be submerged and wet without problems. For 109 euros (see more offers).

Braun Series 3 Shave & Style

Shave, trim and contour as this is a 3-in-1 electric shaver and beard trimmer for men. Includes a flexible three-position head for efficiency, plus a trimmer head and five combs for three-day beard and 1-7mm beards.

Features two long-life rechargeable Ni-MH batteries. Full charge takes one hour for 30 minutes of trimming and shaving. For 61 euros (see more offers).

Unlike the rest, it cannot be submerged in water, although it can be used with wet hair or cleaned with tap water. In addition, it has an adjustable power of between 100 and 240W.

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