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4 science-based objects to get a good night’s sleep without taking pills

Sleep is necessary for multiple reasons of mental health, but also physical and metabolic. The damages of poor and poor sleep are well known, so it is always necessary to seek the best possible quality of sleep, especially after a certain age, when sleep disorders appear more frequently.

Many and many of us are then faced with the dilemma of having to accept the intake of pills, sleeping pills and psychoactive drugs, often with little-known side effects and even the risk of addiction, as occurs with benzodiazepines, such as trankimazin, the valium or the orfidal.

How to sleep without taking pills

It is possible to sleep without taking drugs, at least to try. For example, with melatonin supplements. Science has shown that they help to fall asleep, although afterwards they cannot ensure a deep sleep, so their effect is limited at first.

What other tactics to adopt? There are natural remedies to reduce anxiety without resorting to the aforementioned pills, and also the level of anxiety, and therefore the quality of sleep, can be influenced by how we eat to control it.

Sports, absence of exciting drinks, etc., can help us, but there are also some objects that can be very useful and their effectiveness is based on science, not on jacket; Another thing is that each type of person adapts one or the other. We present you 4 of them.

Four items to get a good night’s sleep without pills

Hanpure headphones for good sleep

It is a mask that incorporates a bluetooth headset to be able to rest comfortably without the head of the headset damaging your ear, since it is actually a flat headband headset.

In this way, while you deprive yourself of light and maintain blood melatonin levels without waking up or generating cortisol, you can listen to soothing sounds of waves, rain or white noise from one of the many lists on Spotify. Its price is 25 euros.

There are many studies that point to the relaxing and sleep-inducing effects of white noise, although not all sleep disorders can be treated with white noise. Some, such as the one that causes the person to stop breathing while sleeping, known as apnea, should not be treated with white noise as it could be counterproductive.

Amazon Basics Heavy Cotton Blanket 9 Kg

Various studies suggest that sleeping under a 6 to 10 kilo blanket helps you rest more and calm down. The reason is that there is a connection between the sense of touch, especially that of pressure, and the state of excitement or calm in our brain.

Massage (moderate pressure, not gentle) has long been used as therapy to treat anxiety and stress acting on the vagus nerve, the main nerve of the parasympathetic system, the one in charge of relaxing us.

The pressure reduces cortisol and increases serotonin and dopamine levels, improving the mood. The price of the blanket that we propose, which you can use both in winter and summer, since it is not a heat blanket, is 75 euros, Yes OK there are other offers.

Filumm Orthopedic Leg and Knee Pillow

Many people are not aware that bad posture in bed causes pain in both the joints and the spine, and this generates a poor quality of sleep and even awakenings after which it is difficult to fall asleep again.

That is why this type of shock absorber not only prevents knocking between the knees, but can also provide stability to the spine, thus avoiding pain. The proposed model, in viscoelastic, which adapts well, costs 14 euros.

Easysleep white noise machine

Those of us who have trouble sleeping know well the relaxing effects of white noise. For this reason, there are broadcasting machines of this frequency that can be activated inside the room without using headphones for it. Its price is 35 euros.

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