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4 “techno” gifts for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is celebrated on the first weekend of May – this 2022, it falls precisely on May 1 – and many of us tend to run out of time with gifts. Now that the technology industry is suffering, it may be more difficult for us to choose a good gift for our mother from so many offers.

In ConsumptionClaro, we recommend some original alternatives to give to your mother this May 1.

ADDTOP portable charger

A portable charger is always a good option since we have all experienced that situation in which our mobile phone runs out of battery in the middle of a trip or on the street. This charger from ADDTOP can be a good gift.

It has a 26,800 mAh battery that, as a general rule, is more than enough to recharge our mobile between three and six times. In addition, it has fast charging so that we can give our mobile a little push and three USB ports to recharge up to three devices.

ADDTOP portable charger for €36.99

iDoo Smart Garden

Smart gardens can be an original and fun gift for anyone. This iDoo model is an indoor garden that has 10 pods to place the seeds, an LED lamp that adjusts according to the time of year so that the plants grow normally.

It also has a water pumping system so we will not need land to care for and plant flowers or food.

iDoo Smart Garden for €89.99

Oral-B PRO 2

Electric toothbrushes are becoming more popular as they facilitate intensive cleaning of our teeth. The Oral-B PRO 2 is surely one of the most widespread and well-known models thanks to its high quality.

The Oral-B PRO 2 has a gum protection system that detects if we are rubbing too hard, a timer that warns us that the minimum two minutes have passed and a battery that, according to the manufacturer, lasts up to two weeks without recharge.

Oral-B PRO 2 for €35.99

Fourth Generation Echo Dot

One of the most original gifts we can give this Mother’s Day is the Amazon Echo Dot. This is a smart speaker that allows us to have Alexa in our living room, bedroom or kitchen.

The fourth generation Echo Dot is compatible with most applications (Spotify, Amazon Music, Apple Music, etc), consumes little energy and has a button to mute the microphones in case we want to maintain all our privacy. If we still want to make sure, the Echo Dot allows us to review the recordings and delete them if we wish.

Fourth Generation Echo Dot for €44.99

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