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4 unusual types of gazpacho to refresh your meals this summer

If you thought that Andalusian gazpacho was the only one that existed, you were very wrong. Among the ingredients of this summer drink you will find some types of gazpachos whose recipes you can make yourself, and we let you know in one of our articles. But, so that you don’t have to lift a single finger in the kitchen, we bring you some of them to buy them with just one click.

These keep the garlic, tomato, pepper, oil, salt and vinegar, while the cucumber or bread vary depending on the recipe. For this reason, although the texture and flavor may be reminiscent of traditional gazpachos, mango, beetroot, vegetables or some other ingredients make these drinks special and exotic options to enjoy the freshness that we so much need in this hot summer. .

Beetroot gazpacho

You won’t be able to stop looking at its intense magenta color, nor savoring its peculiar nuances that are wonderful for dried fruits such as pine nuts. This is a high quality Spanish product very common in Alhama de Murcia.

In it, all its ingredients (most of them similar to those used in traditional gazpacho) are healthy, natural and homemade. As if that were not enough, it maintains the properties of the beet, among which are the fiber or vitamins A and C. Imagine always having one of these liter bottles of Villaolivo in the fridge for 9.95 euros.

Watermelon Gazpacho

Anko, a company located in the heart of Navarra, has decided to bring to the market this gazpacho whose protagonist is the quintessential summer fruit: the watermelon. This food gives it a sweet touch that makes its flavor soft and not as intense as the Andalusian one, making it perfect for those who are just starting out in the world of gazpacho.

And, in addition, Anko knows how to combine new technologies with traditional production methods, with the aim of offering healthy, natural and balanced products such as this organic for 11.69 euros per 500 ml.

green gazpacho

The color that characterizes it is simply due to the fact that the red tomato of the typical Andalusian gazpacho is added to it, but in less quantity, and other ingredients such as cucumber or green pepper are added with greater prominence, in addition to the typical ones such as olive oil. olive oil, vinegar, garlic, salt and oregano.

Those from Villaolivo are 100% natural, suitable for vegetarian and vegan diets and ideal for completing a Mediterranean summer diet with a drink that we recommend consuming very cold. So that you never lack in your pantry we bring you this pack of six units for 20.06 euroswithout preservatives or additives, in which each bottle holds one liter.

package Gazpacho

You won’t be able to resist this package of four bottles of one liter each with flavors so innovative for your palate that they will leave you speechless. The bravery and light color of the ajoblanco with almonds; the exotic freshness with acid nuances of mango and orange; the traditional Andalusian flavour, that of a lifetime, for lovers of the original gazpacho; and the greenish color with fresh vegetable flavor of avocado, apple and basil.

All of them perfect to surprise your guests with a variety for all tastes while you enjoy an afternoon of laughter and good food. You can find it for 14.90 a pack.

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