Monday, December 4

40,000 officials of the Generalitat recover a bonus of up to 860 euros per year

  • The Catalan Administration will pay in the future December payroll the old productivity supplement, withdrawn in 2012 during the time of cuts

Some 40,000 public employees of the administrative departments of the Government of Catalonia will receive in the payroll of the next month of December a plus of between 426.4 and 862.2 euros, formerly known as a productivity plugin. This has been agreed by the ‘ministry’ of the Presidency and the most representative unions of the Catalan public service after several months of negotiations. Officials and labor personnel thus recover a right withdrawn in 2012, when under the presidency of Artur Mas this bonus was cut, along with two extra payments. The Government will allocate a game of €25.6 million to pay for this payment, which will be one-off and that the power plants will have to re-negotiate from the following year.

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The Catalan administration thus completes the recovery of rights withdrawn from its administrative staff during the stage of austerity and complies with the agreement reached with CCOO Y UGT in 2018, when the centrals threatened with a strike across the entire public sector. The 40,000 potentially benefited workers will receive said supplement in December based on their professional performance. To quantify it, each employee must meet a series of objectives in the different skills (results obtained, ability to work as a team, own initiative and adaptability) and whose final criteria will be detailed in the coming weeks between the Generalitat and the unions. If, for disciplinary reasons, the administration imposes a serious offense on an employee, he or she will not be able to collect this supplement.

Yes they have closed this Monday that 40% of the evaluation will be carried out by the worker himself and the remaining 60% by his hierarchical superior, on a final score of 20 points. If the public employee gets less than 9 out of 20, he will not receive anything, if he gets more than 9 out of 20, he will receive the proportional part of the note and if he gets more than 18 out of 20, he will receive the entire complement. This will be between 426.4 and 862.2 euros, depending on salary and category. Neither the teaching staff nor the health staff, among other groups of the public function with their own remuneration regimes, will benefit from it. Nor the freely available personnel, that is, those designated ‘by hand’ by the Government.