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41 European bitcoin investors arrive in El Salvador and target tourism

Key facts:
  • The investors visited the Mercado del Mar, in the port of La Libertad.

  • Investors’ journey through Salvadoran beaches is part of Bitcoin Week.

More than 40 bitcoin (BTC) investors have arrived in El Salvador, within the framework of Bitcoin Week (to be held this week), with the intention of investing in tourism in that country, which is the first in the world to adopt the first cryptocurrency as legal tender.

So communicated the ambassador of El Salvador in Germany, Florencia Vilanova, who from the beaches of the strategic Surf City circuit in the Department of La Libertad, expressed:

“We come with a delegation of 41 members from countries such as Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg and others who have joined, who want to know the history of how all this came about; also promote tourism, that more tourists from the bitcoin community come to El Salvador ”.

According to the Salvadoran government, investors learned about the operation of the stores and shops around the tourist area that already accept bitcoin as a means of payment.

“We wanted to pay a visit here to learn what the situation is like after two months of BTC as legal tender. We have paid with bitcoin and it is a very good function ”, said Felipe Degenhard, European investor.

Jerome Iffrig, another investor, said it’s a fantastic innovation because you can use your bitcoins in those shops, as shown by the video of the Press Secretary of the Presidency,

President Nayib Bukele indicated that the investors visited the Mercado del Mar, in the port of La Libertad, as well as the El Tunco beach. There, they found that a large number of businesses They are already trading the pioneer cryptocurrency on the market.

41 European investors walked the Salvadoran beaches on Sunday, November 14. Source: @SecPrensaSV /

Government level projects

Beyond tourism, investors will know, during their stay in El Salvador, the local development projects of the State to promote the country through bitcoin.

According to the government, the visit of these entrepreneurs becomes an “opportunity” to initiate an “involvement” with Salvadorans, “in addition to empowering small and micro-entrepreneurs in the region.”

In recent days, CriptoNoticias reported the announcement of Bukele, to remodel 20 Salvadoran schools with hundreds of millions of dollars that were obtained as a profit from the recent rise in BTC to all-time highs.

“Now we are seeing additional benefits, the schools that we have announced and, God willing, more works will come that come from the proceeds of a trust that was created and a Law that was created because we ignored the opposition,” said Bukele on their social networks.

A little earlier, the intention of the State to build a veterinary hospital was known, also with the profits of the FIDEBITCOIN trust, product of the price rise of the cryptocurrency. That was recorded by this newspaper.

This trust of USD 150 million provides liquidity for the conversion between BTC and US dollars to the users of the Chivo wallet. Also, from there came the money for the $ 30 bonus in bitcoin that received each user of the aforementioned application.

La Bitcoin Week

Investors’ tour of Salvadoran beaches is part of Bitcoin Week, an activity promoted by the government to praise BTC and seek its higher adoption among the inhabitants.

This week, two world-class events will take place: Adopting Bitcoin and LaBitConf. In the place will be the team of CriptoNoticias, that arrived in the Central American country in recent days.

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