Tuesday, July 5

42.8% of Basques affirm that they would like a referendum to be held on the independence of the Basque Country

42.8% of Basques acknowledge that they would like a referendum to be held on the political independence of the Basque Country, compared to 37.7% who are against. In addition, 22% consider that democracy could function without elections being held, according to the results of the 16th edition of the Deustobarometer, which has collected information on how Basque society experiences the current health, political and economic situation.

The report, presented this Friday by those responsible, María Silvestre and Braulio Gómez, in Bilbao, has been prepared with a thousand online surveys carried out on people over 18 years of age, between June 7 and 14. According to what was released and collected by Europa Press, 53% of Basques describe the political situation in the Basque Country as “regular”, compared to 24% who consider it “good”, the lowest figure since the winter of 2015 .

On the other hand, the thousand of respondents give a score of 5.4 to the quality of democracy in Euskadi, above the average score given to the State (4.4) and which represents a “reduction in the “gap” that has historically been reflected.In addition, the University continues to be the most valued institution in the Basque Country (5.7 out of 10), while the Church and the Monarchy are the ones that are least trusted. In support of the holding of a referendum, 42.8% of those surveyed are in favor of a consultation for independence, compared to 37.7% who are against. Likewise, 64.5% of those surveyed claim to hold a referendum for the “daily problems” of the place where you live and 62.7% inquiries related to the economy.

Fundamental rights

The Deustobarometer has asked in this edition about the justification when it comes to suspending fundamental rights to protect health, something of which 39% of those surveyed are in favor, compared to 34.7% who “little agree” and 16.8% “do not agree”. On the other hand, more than 22% of Basques believe that democracy could work without elections being held, which in the opinion of the authors of the Deustobarometer is “worrying and unusual in other years”.

It is also in favor of restricting citizen rights, such as demonstration, more than half of the population, something that 36% reject. In addition, almost 50% of those surveyed consider that there are economic issues that should not be submitted to a referendum. Finally, the majority of citizens support that the decisions made by the World Health Organization are imposed on governments. Thus, 15.8% agree with this option, and 46% strongly agree.