Tuesday, July 5

43 thoughtful and useful baby shower gifts under $50

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  • Baby showers celebrate new life and prepare parents for what’s to come with useful gifts.
  • We rounded up gifts that will be a big help when the baby arrives as well as fun keepsakes.
  • Below are 43 baby shower gifts under $50 that new parents will love.
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The world of baby products — especially for non-parents — can be daunting and confusing. What’s needed? What works? What do new parents want or love?

If you’re attending a baby shower, this makes choosing the perfect gift a bit difficult. You want to make the lives of soon-to-be exhausted parents easier and brighter. Some people also seek the perfect gift that will be the talk of the shower.

Plenty of new parents put together a baby registry, but if most of the gifts are already gone or you want to add something extra, you’ll find 43 options below — none of which cost more than $50.

Below are 43 thoughtful baby shower gifts under $50: