Wednesday, October 27

430 loudspeakers and 18 kilometers of cable will play Christmas carols in Vigo 12 hours a day for two months

Although there are still three months to go until December 25, in Vigo preparations for the Christmas holidays have already begun. The City Council of the main city of Galicia has just opened the public contracting process with which it intends to award the management of the public address system that will fill the most central neighborhoods with Christmas carols over two months for almost twelve hours a day. The winner of this tender, still open and in the phase of receipt of proposals, will be in charge of offering the public address service in the area of ​​Christmas programming during the 2021-2022, 2022-2023 and 2023-2024 annuities.

Abel Caballero: “When you manage to be a reference on this planet in something as important as Christmas, it is convenient to keep it”

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A total of 430 speakers linked by more than 18 kilometers of cable will flood the streets with traditional Christmas songs from November to January. As can be read in the specifications of the contract, the new public address system will cost approximately 215,702.58 euros and it is intended to “generate a festive musical atmosphere conducive to citizens and local businesses and thus have a reinforcement system of the information channels of the programmed activities and diffusion of notices and messages related to the Christmas program “. Specifically, the period to which the public document refers goes from November 20 to January 10, but from the City Council they point out that both before turning on and after turning off there will be a few days of assembly and disassembly, so the dates are guidance.

Sources from the local council, chaired by Abel Caballero, have confirmed to this writing that there is still no date set for the Christmas lighting to be turned on and that, in any case, the public address system will begin to work that same day with songs chosen from within. of the Concellería de Festas. Although today the City Council does not have a date set for the start of its Nadal Festivities, according to the same sources, everything indicates that the ignition will fall towards the end of November and will last until the days immediately after January 6.

The mayor of Vigo, Abel Caballero, presented at the beginning of June the main activities of the Christmas 2021 campaign, in which he guaranteed markets, a giant Ferris wheel, two ice rinks, street entertainment, tourist trains, carousels and a tree of led lights over 30 meters high. The latter has become the great tourist attraction of the city during the autumn and winter months thanks to the music and light show it offers. A spokesperson for the company in charge of managing its installation and operation, Ximenez, has explained to this newspaper that it is the Vigo City Council itself that chooses the music that accompanies the event so that, later, they adapt the light show. In previous years, the Consistory developed a play list which included the soundtracks of the films ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ and ‘The Last Pout’.

In a public appearance, the mayor has announced that this year Vigo will have more than 3,000 lighting motifs, 350 decorated streets and 1,000 trees surrounded by light bulbs. In total, Caballero hopes to have around 11 million LED units turned on which, in his own words, “will light up the entire planet.” Caballero believes that the advance in vaccination will allow him to arrive at Christmas with a pandemic situation of normality that allows “millions of visitors” to be received in the city.

The City Council has chosen nine areas of the city where both the decorations and the public address system will have a stronger presence. Although they will mainly be areas around the city center, the piped music will also reach more remote neighborhoods such as Teis. Below, you can check the streets where there will be Christmas music:

  • Zone 1: Paseo de Alfonso, Rúa Elduayen, Porta do Sol, Praza da Princesa, Praza da Constitución, Rúa Triunfo, Praza da Pedra, Rúa Príncipe, Rúa Eduardo Iglesias, Rúa Velázquez Moreno, Rúa Carral, Rúa Policarpo Sanz and Rúa Colón.
  • Zone 2: Rúa Camelias, Rúa Pi y Margall, Rúa López Mora and Rúa Torrecedeira.
  • Zone 3: Rúa Urzaiz, Gran Vía and Rúa Venezuela.
  • Zone 4: Rúa Urzaiz, Rúa Pizarro, Rúa Condesa Casa Barcena and Rúa Honduras.
  • Zone 5: Rúa Areal, Rúa Colón, Rúa Rosalia de Castro and Rúa García Barbón.
  • Zone 6: Navia: Rúa Teixugueiras.
  • Zone 7: Bouzas: Praza Urzáiz, Praza Suárez Llanos, Praza M. de Santos, Rúa Paulino Freire, Rúa Pescadores and Rúa Eduardo Cabello.
  • Zone 8: Teis: Rúa Sanjurjo Badia, around the Teis market and Rúa Pedro Alvarado.
  • Zone 9: Castrelos: Portanet Avenue and Castrelos Avenue.