Saturday, December 4

45 students representing the 16 educational regions of the country are chosen for the great national preselection of Public Speaking 2021

Education, excellence and leadership that promotes the National Speech Contest (CNO), continue to inspire a country.

Faced with the challenges posed by its 16th version, in a digital and virtual format, the organization of the CNO opted for technology, as the best connectivity tool to reach the 16 educational regions of the country and from border to border, participation was felt by thousands of students who accepted the challenge of this competitive format and educational excellence.

The results have been inspiring. After two weeks of scrutiny by the evaluating jury, the Great Virtual Oratory Room already has the results of these 45 participants —From the provinces and 3 regions, according to a number of specific quotas in each educational region, assigned based on the number of existing educational centers— who this October 22, will compete in the National Preselection who will choose the best 15 student speakers resulting from this face-to-face competence in el Ascanio Arosemena Theater.

These 45 students from official and private schools will once again compete in the rounds of Spontaneous Performance (40% of the score) e Improvisation (60% of the score), while the jury will evaluate their skill and ability through content, projection and language in proportion to 100% of a new score that ensures the pass to the Grand finale of the National Speech Contest, scheduled for November 21.

It should be noted that the three juries are professionals with extensive experience in the field of teaching, linguistics, language and theater, who will have the difficult task of choosing the best speakers promoting eloquence, excellence and leadership of young people who are preparing to raise your voice with the theme: “Bicentennial Pact: youth seeking to close gaps for a more equitable, just and supportive Panama “

During these two stages of presentations and scrutiny, the participants will demonstrate talent in rhetoric and improvisation in the face of current issues that converge towards the sensitivity of critical and constructive scenarios that allow them to see themselves in the role that as young people they have in the growth of Panama.

The Contest aims to enliven in the young students of the country, the interest, empowerment and the theme of this year, it is an alternative that guarantees the sustained and balanced construction of a more active, civic, participatory and inclusive population in public policies, advocated in the contribution of programs that break the barriers in social inequity.

The grand finale will be held in the month of the homeland, November, taking as a framework, the celebrations of important dates that reaffirm our identity as a country and that, in primetime, the afternoon of Sunday, November 21 will be seen exclusively through the screens of SERTV Canal 11 a las 6:00 p.m.

The National Speech Contest continues to strengthen itself as the highest Corporate Social Responsibility project in + Mobile administered by the Panama Cable & Wireless Foundation, in a public-private strategy that unites government institutions, diplomatic missions, private companies and the media as benefactors in this great crusade to raise the voice of student youth from all over Panama.

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