Tuesday, February 27

5 Bitcoin, Blockchain, DeFi and NFT news – January 20

  • For the first time since 2019, the supply of USDCoin (USDC) in Ethereum (ETH) exceeded the supply of tether (USDT). As reported by on-chain analytics firm Coin Metrics, total USDC on Ethereum is now over 40B, up 10x from 4B in early 2021. However, Tether remains the largest stablecoin by total supply, with 39B additional dollars in Tron (TRX).


  • The Cryptocurrency ATMs are being shut down in Singapore since the city-state would be implementing measures to limit the commercialization of cryptocurrencies among consumers. Daenerys & Co., the largest ATM operator in Singapore, ceased its services to comply with the request of the Monetary Authority of Singapore.


  • The Central Bank of Iran (CBI) communicated that it plans to launch a central bank digital currency (CBDC)”in the near future.” Mehran Moharamian, the CBI’s deputy governor for IT affairs, stated that the bank sees “cryptocurrency” as a solution to resolve inconsistencies and to decentralize resources.


  • The AMC theater chain has distributed exclusive non-fungible tokens (NFTs) called “I Own AMC” -I own AMC- to more than 580,000 shareholders who registered on AMC’s Investor Connect portal last year. NFTs will be tradable, but they also offer advantages to their holders, such as possible discounts and “other benefits”.


  • Google has partnered with Coinbase Global and BitPay, to store crypto assets on digital cards. According to Bill Ready, Google’s president of commerce, “cryptocurrency is something we pay a lot of attention to” and the company is looking to do more of these partnerships. In addition, Google has hired former PayPal Holdings executive Arnold Goldberg to lead its payments division and chart a new course for the business, after scrapping its banking bid.



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