Thursday, September 29

52 people injured in the ‘cordà’ of Paterna, in the previous parade and in the ‘recordà’

A total of 52 people have been injured last morning in the ‘cordà’ of Paterna, in the parade prior to this act and in the subsequent ‘recordà’, according to what municipal sources have informed Europa Press.

Specifically, there have been 42 injuries in the ‘cordà’, one in the parade of luxury rockets that precedes this pyrotechnic act of the Paterna festivities, and nine in the ‘recordà’ that takes place afterwards, at 3.00 hours and in the central park of this municipality in the region of l’Horta Nord.

The same sources have indicated that the 52 recorded injuries, who went to the different health points enabled in Paterna on the occasion of the ‘cordà’, have been of minor consideration. However, they have pointed out that one of them has been transferred to the La Fe de València hospital to be treated.

The ‘cordà’ of Paterna, which took place last morning, this year has had a special security device made up of more than 150 troops including Local Police officers, members of Civil Protection, Fire Departments and units of the National Police and Civil Guard Corps.

In addition, the number of health services has doubled with various ambulances and four complete medical teams, which include two ICUs and two field hospitals, according to the consistory.

The City Council has assured, in a statement, that the ‘cordà’ 2022 has been developed with “a rapid, intense and continuous fire” for 23 minutes and 15 seconds. Likewise, he has detailed that the act has been 43 seconds faster than in 2021.

The 366 participating shooters have lit, starting at 1:30 am last morning, nearly 1,000 kilograms of gunpowder provided by the Hermanos Caballer pyrotechnics. The ‘cordà’ is celebrated the morning after the last Sunday in August as a step prior to the end of the Paterna festivities.

This year, as a novelty, the participating shooters have been trained in security measures to improve the development of the pyrotechnic show, in which nearly 70,000 rockets have been launched, the council added. He has pointed out that the one from 2022 has been a “wide-spread and powerful” ‘cordà’.

For this event, there is also an intercom system, implemented in recent years, which allows those responsible for security to report what is happening inside the fire zone “quickly and efficiently” during the course of the event. .

“Lesson of good fire”

“We have once again given a lesson in good fire and passion for gunpowder,” said the mayor of Paterna, Juan Antonio Sagredo, who has also participated in the ‘cordà’. Also, the mayor has highlighted that the shooters have “endured a lot during this ‘cordà'”, of which he has highlighted “the cadence and power of the rockets”.

Among the 128 drawers, arranged in the 150-meter length enabled in the main artery of Paterna, the 366 shooters were distributed. These were selected from among the more than 400 people who applied to participate in this event, “a historical figure to date”, the consistory has underlined.

The president of the Valencia Provincial Council, Toni Gaspar; the Regional Minister for Territorial Policy, Rebeca Torró; the general director of Institutional Promotion, María Fernanda Escribano, or the mayor of Bonrepòs (Valencia), Raquel Ramiro, have been some of the authorities who came to Paterna to enjoy this pyrotechnic program.