Monday, July 26

55 thoughtful and useful gifts that teens will actually use

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  • It’s never easy to shop for a teenager, especially since their tastes tend to change frequently.
  • We rounded up 55 gifts for teens to make it easier to find the perfect gadget, game, or accessory.
  • Browse all of Insider Reviews gift guides for more great ideas.

Being a teenager is tough, but trying to buy a gift for one is even harder. They are often-times picky and fickle when it comes to what products they want. Sometimes, the best way to show a teen that you care is just to listen, and sometimes it’s a thoughtful gift to acknowledge how hard they are working and to show them you see them.

To make things easier, we’ve curated 55 gifts ranging from a card game to a smart watch to a quick-drying hair towel at various price points to ensure as many options as possible. If you are still unsure, and you can’t ask them directly, try consulting their friends. Either way, a smart general rule of thumb is to make sure your gift is returnable. Just in case that specific day they aren’t into it anymore.

Below are 55 of the best gifts for teens to get you started:

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