Wednesday, February 21

60 of the 92 best marks of the oppositions to the Alicante Police are from applicants with some relationship with the city council

34 children or relatives of some commissioner, mayors, officers and agents of the Local Police of Alicante, as well as relatives of political positions and trade unionists, and even owners of contracting companies of the Alicante City Council. In total, these people organically linked to the city council have obtained more than 60 of the 92 best marks for the places for the Local Police of the Alicante capital, some tests to which 1,529 candidates applied.

It has been announced by Being Chain that he explained that he explains that in this way two thirds of the places open to competition have been filled, a competition in which 143 applicants have passed, that is, just over 9% passed the tests. Moreover, the 20 best notes of the process are all from this group of people with direct personal contacts.

For this reason, according to the same station, agents, managers and trade union organizations consulted doubt the cleanliness of the selection process. Among the suspicions, it is pointed out that some of the exam questions were “inappropriate” for a process of this type, which is why they go so far as to ensure that “either the applicants knew the questions or they would not have known the answers.”

However, these same police sources consulted by the Ser do not want to denounce this possible fix for fear of reprisals. However, this situation is not definitive, so they point out that after the tests have been carried out, the opposition court must now issue a final resolution for its definitive approval.