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7 jams with original flavors for your dishes and appetizers

Strawberry, peach, apricot or fig are the main ingredients of most jams, although not the only ones. In fact, the flavors that can be transformed into jams there are more than we think, so, to get out of the monotony of the typical ones, we bring you other tastes that you may not have known.

Some made from vegetables, others from exotic fruits and even flowers. In cakes, as an ingredient for sauces that accompany your fish and meat and even in tapas. Variety of nuances and aromas for hundreds of recipes that you can prepare with these ten types of jams.

Red wine jam:

Do you want to enhance the flavor of your dishes and impress all your guests with your culinary skills? This is your ingredient. It is an artisanal and homemade product that offers the traditional flavor of wine in an innovative texture. It is the ideal condiment for sauces and brunch, spread on toast or as a side dish for meat or fish.

Although, without a doubt, the best dish to accompany this jam is battered cheese balls: their flavors contrast perfectly and you can cook them yourself at home since the recipe is simple and quick.

👉🏼 You can find this 201 g VidiFood jar for 9.95 euros.

Red pepper and black truffle jam

On the one hand, the seasonal red pepper roasted in a good wood oven and, on the other, the black truffle most appreciated by exquisite palates. And if you put that together in an artisan jam like this one from La Trufería, it forms a very tasty condiment for sauces or canapés, as well as the perfect pairing with intensely flavored meats, roasts, cured cheeses, foie gras, rice dishes and pasta.

Not only is its flavor the most surprising, but also its aroma of truffle, pepper and firewood and the bright red color with black flecks that characterizes it. As a tip, it is a jam that can be great with your savory dishes, since its sweet taste gives it an incredible explosion of flavor.

👉🏼 This 150 g jar costs 15 euros.

zucchini jam

La Vicora is an expert company in surprising its customers with original nuances in its jams and this is one of the proofs. Made with a recipe that has survived many generations, it has an obligatory characteristic: waiting for the fruit or vegetable to ripen in the field so that it maintains its properties.

This is made from natural vegetables, among which the zucchini reigns, to which only sugar and lemon juice are added, without adding other preservatives or colourings, which gives it great quality. This jam will be your salvation if you don’t know what to do with goat cheese or if you want to try something different.

👉🏼 The 212 g jar is available for 10.58 euros.

Chili and onion jam

The Italian region of Calabria is the place where these jams are created, made with carefully selected premium quality Calabrian chilli and red onion. They are from Moretti Salume di Tradizione and they accompany starters, appetizers or trays of both fresh and cured cheeses like no other.

It is also often used as an ingredient in savory recipes, but this time with the sweetness of the marmalade’s sugars, although accompanied by the spicy aftertaste of chili and onion.

👉🏼 Direct from Italy to your door for only 13.03 euros per 240 g jar.

Passion fruit and mango jam

Fruit is the quintessential ingredient in most compotes but, normally, we do not know more than the typical strawberry or peach compotes. For this reason, we bring you this one with passion fruit and mango, two exotic fruits that are not only fresh and tasty, but also favor the assimilation of nutrients and stimulate our defenses.

How about a breakfast of toast with cream cheese and a little of this jam on top? Oh, and no added sugars other than those contained in the natural sweetness of the fruits themselves.

👉🏼 This pack of six Dalfour cans is available for 23.99.

rose petal jam

Its name alone makes it attractive, and it is more so, if possible, since its ingredients are 100% pure and natural. This is a Himalayan Gulkand, a sweet preserve of rose petals originating from Pakistan and North India, made from the best quality spring roses and with antioxidant and rejuvenating functions.

It can be used to make rose smoothie, desserts, rose petal ice cream, or even as a beautiful cookie filling. No artificial colors, flavors, preservatives or almost all of those things ending in “before”.

👉🏼 It is one of the most gourmet jams on the list, so 400 g cost 23.99 euros.

Pumpkin jam and blueberry jam

The best feature of pumpkin jam is its versatility: you can prepare some oatmeal cakes and spread them with it to give a sweet tone to breakfast or a cheesecake with pumpkin jam on top to surprise diners with a great dessert. And, if you want to give your cake a stronger flavor, this Prisca pack also includes a blueberry cake with balsamic vinegar and port wine.

An idea for vinegar lovers is to add a little of this jam to your anchovy tapas or add it to a homemade mushroom sauce to accompany a good pork tenderloin. This pack of two jams comes with a porcelain sauce boat so they look elegant on your table.

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