Sunday, May 22

7 sleepaway camp packing list essentials you can get on Amazon

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  • It’s summer camp season.
  • If your kid is heading off to camp this summer, you’ll want to make sure they’re prepared with all the essentials.
  • We rounded up a packing list of products, some essential and some just plain fun, that you can get on Amazon in time for the first day.

Summer camp is right around the corner. If you or your child has put off packing until the last minute, you’re not alone. Camp is loads of fun. Packing, not so much. But, you can’t get to the summer camp fun without making sure your kid has everything they need for a great summer.

As former campers and camp counselors, we’ve packed many a camp suitcase. We know what kids will want in their trunks, from the classic options to some lesser-known but super practical purchases. We’re going to share all of those products with you. Plus, everything is available on Amazon Prime, so if you and your child are cramming packing into the last-minute, you’re in the clear. Keep reading to see our picks.