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70% is no longer valid

Now 70% is not worth it

The number of vaccinated that we had set ourselves to guarantee group immunity is no longer valid. The delta variant of the coronavirus is more contagious and we need a higher percentage of vaccinated people for the healthy herd to corner the virus. Now experts speak of 90% to be able to be calm.

The map of municipalities looks bad. The incidence in large cities is multiplied by five.

Source: autonomous communities

  • The protagonists The main of this dark red, almost black spot are the young. We have spoken with several that have been infected when they were almost about to be vaccinated. The temptations of summer.
  • And then there are these. 72% of current ICU patients for COVID in Andalusia are “deniers” of the vaccine, who did not want to get it. They are between 50 and 60 years old.
  • Right of admission COVID. In this newsletter we have imagined many times what kind of society would be built if you could only enter bars or restaurants if you were vaccinated. Well, it’s already happening, with official support. Fortunately, if the vaccination rate is fast, it will be short-lived.


“Is Cuba a dictatorship?

In Cuba, follow the movement in the street. Now it is counter-demonstrations in support of the Government that try to overlap protests with few precedents. Internet has stopped working well from mobiles. There are journalists detained, among them an ABC contributor. We don’t know much because, in addition, the details there are lost in the noise here.

Get ready because you’re going to hear that question many times these days. Is Cuba a dictatorship? They have asked Alejandra Jacinto, new spokesperson for Podemos in Madrid and she has said that “I don’t consider it a dictatorship”. They then asked Aina Vidal, spokesperson in the En Comú Podem Congress, and He said: “I do not consider the Cuban government as a dictatorship.” Nuances came and Twitter threads, but with those answers the right saliva. They were two balls in the air and the auction came to the wrong foot: they asked the newest Government spokesperson, Isabel Rodríguez, in her first press conference, succeeding María Jesús Montero. Is Cuba a dictatorship? “Spain is a democracy”, answered. They cross-examined him and he has juggled neither suggesting support for the Cuban government nor disavowing the spokespersons for Podemos on their first day. And so the question reaches the top of the news cycle: a nightly interview with Pedro Sánchez on Telecinco. Is Cuba a dictatorship? They have asked him. “Cuba is not a democracy”, has tried to settle the president.

The Spanish right now has its new Venezuela: nothing worries the PP more than the Cubans; for some reason, more than the Colombians, the Moroccans, the Saudis or the Haitians. Politics is like that and Iñigo Sáenz de Ugarte explains here very well the cynical loop of this permanent discussion where Latin Americans are mere extras.

  • In the meantime, in Madrid, the PP continues to strengthen democracy with the appointment of the new president of the public entity of Telemadrid: Jose Antonio Sanchez He was already president of RTVE, a time in which he did not cut himself in personally criticizing the left and boasted of voting for the PP. Appear in the papers of Bárcenas, of which he defended himself saying that … Venezuela.


Good Immigrant Award

Government has decided to regularize the situation of the two Senegalese immigrants who tried to help young Samuel while he received the beating that ended with his death in A Coruña. It is not the first time that we have seen a gesture like this and, apart from rejoicing for the two men who are graced with the roles that will change their lives, it is a gesture that NGOs and human rights experts criticize today in it is arbitrary and encourages the idea that the immigrant only has rights if they are ‘good’ or, in fact, better than us.

  • Disinformation Barometer. This survey on hoaxes and hate crimes carried out by Maldita and Oxfam Intermon is very interesting. The three most popular hate messages in Spain about immigration they are that they have privileges, that they do not integrate and that they are violent.


Do not pass

  • That the money is coming. We have the last green light European Union to the arrival of 69,500 million euros for the economic recovery. It was only a procedure, but it had to be passed. The first 9,000 in theory arrive this month.
  • Another pufo with copyright. Today we tell you the trick of some zarzuela musicians to collect royalties for small adaptations of works that are not theirs and that have been in the public domain for decades. They are putting small modifications to him to be renewing the copyright and to charge. The trick has more small print and the account Elena Cabrera.
  • Search, search, search. Before you realize that the Eurocup is over, the Olympic Games begin and before we count the medals well, La Liga will have started again. Well, football clubs desperately seek a sponsor, because with the betting houses they can no longer count.
  • This video does not age badly at all by the mythical popularizer of the cosmos Carl Sagan on the lack of diversity, the navelism and the racism of science fiction cinema. “In Star Wars, those who rule the galaxy are all white.”


What do you want to travel

  • The Landes. South of Bordeaux, north of the French Basque Country, there are a huge expanse of pine forests, endless Atlantic beaches, straight roads and scattered towns prepared for family leisure. There are very tourist areas there, such as the essential Dune of Pilat, but above all forests to get lost on foot or by bike, dotted with farmhouses and campsites. More here.
  • Diving. If scuba diving is your thing and this year you haven’t had time to plan a trip to some of the international diving temples, another fan, our colleague Roberto Ruiz, makes you a list of 11 sites in Spain. Girona, Granada, Murcia, Pontevedra, Almería …
  • Pastela. Look, it’s not exactly a soft summer dish, but today I had one paste it Moroccan (bastil·la بسطيلة): it is a puff pastry filled with chicken meat, almonds, parsley and various ground spices, with a touch of cinnamon. Sweet and salty all rolled into one. Surely you have a Moroccan bar at hand where to order it.

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