Thursday, July 29

72% of current patients in the ICU due to Covid in Andalusia are “deniers” of the vaccine between 50 and 60 years old

The vice president of the Board and Minister of Tourism, Regeneration, Justice and Local Administration, Juan Marín, has warned this Tuesday that “72%” of the 122 people who are currently admitted to Intensive Care Units (ICU) of hospitals of Andalusia with Covid-19 are “deniers”, that is, “people who have not wanted to get the vaccine”, of “between 50 and 60 years” of age.

This was indicated by the vice president of the Board at the press conference after the weekly meeting of the Governing Council, in which he appeared together with the counselor for the Presidency, Public Administration and the Interior and spokesman for the Andalusian Government, Elías Bendodo.

When analyzing the situation of Andalusian hospitals as a result of the new admissions that Covid-19 is causing, Juan Marín has indicated that it is “very atypical that people who were already vaccinated, between 50 and 60 years old,” were entering the ICU “, and in this regard he has highlighted that” 72% “of current patients in critical care units are” deniers “of the vaccine, after which he has made an appeal in favor of vaccination.

For his part, the Andalusian Government spokesman, Elías Bendodo, has detailed that 64 percent of the 102 people who have entered community hospitals this past weekend for Covid “were not vaccinated.”

In addition, he has warned that “the age of the people who enter continues to decrease”, so that “40%” of those weekend income corresponds to “those under 40 years of age, and of them, 85% do not is vaccinated by the circumstances that are “.

Along these lines, Bendodo has defended that these figures show that “vaccination works”, because the people who have been injected with the two doses “get such a high immunization” that, although they can get the coronavirus, they achieve that “the disease does not evolve and lead to hospital admission “.

Similarly, the spokesman counselor has insisted on making an appeal to the Government of Spain to increase the rate of arrival of vaccine doses to Andalusia in the coming weeks.

Thus, Bendodo has commented that the Board has “no choice but to shout to the sky”, because Andalusia will receive this week about “470,000” doses of vaccines, “practically half” of the 835,000 received last week, as he has regretted.

The spokesman for the Board has maintained that “it does not make sense for the Government to stop the arrival of vaccines at the end of the vaccination campaign.” “We do not understand it”, has riveted Bendodo, who has dismissed this circumstance as “a recklessness”, and has considered that the new Government that Pedro Sánchez has formed after last weekend’s changes among the members of the Council of Ministers must have as “only priority” is to “stand before the European Union and the pharmaceutical companies” in charge of the production of vaccines and “demand that their arrival multiply”, because “many are being manufactured”, as he remarked.

“The Government of Spain does not have anything more important right now than to guarantee a wide supply of vaccines,” insisted Bendodo, while the vice president of the Board, Juan Marín, added to questions from journalists that “the distribution of vaccines has to be by criterion of equality for all Spaniards, as established “.

“We are not going to change those criteria,” the vice president wanted to make clear before adding that on the part of the Board “we do not want the arrival of vaccines to slow down”, but that Andalusia does not want “neither more nor less than anyone” in as for dosage.

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