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74 against Vox in the Basque Parliament in its attempt to criminalize and expel foreign minors

This Thursday, in the plenary session held by the Basque Parliament, it has become clear that the only seat that Vox has in the Basque Parliament is an exception and an island. The other 74 parliamentarians, representatives of formations as varied ideologically as PNV, EH Bildu, PSE-EE, Elkarrekin Podemos-IU and PP + Cs, have opposed the attempt of the far-right parliamentarian, Amaia Martínez Grisaleña, to veto with a vote the arrival of 15 foreign minors from the Canary Islands with a justification in which he alluded to alleged increases in crime, their participation in bottles and even that they could end up enrolling in EH Bildu. However, in application of the sanitary cordon that most groups practice against Vox, only PP + Cs has come to the rostrum to reply to Martínez Grisaleña’s arguments and to defend that there is solidarity between the autonomous communities in the face of the arrival of migrants , although he has admitted that they share the diagnosis that “illegal” immigration is a problem for Spain.

The Basque Government sees a possible hate crime in the false complaint of a former Vox candidate against Maghrebis

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In an exercise of ‘excusatio non petita …’, the representative of Vox has endeavored at the very beginning of her speech to try to emphasize that her veto to the “menas” – she has not at any time referred to these adolescents with another qualifier – it is not a “criminalization” and has accused the media “related” to the rest of the parties of pointing out them for it. However, although he has bordered some of the harshest references in the report with which he forced the vote that took place this Thursday, which was advanced by this newspaper, he did mention that there is a causal relationship between the arrival of foreigners and the rise of crimes. “If they were in solidarity and had a halo of humanity, they should be returned immediately to their place of origin,” challenged Martínez Grisaleña, granting the Basque Country some powers that it does not have.

The debate is due to an agreement of the Basque Government and the three councils, which are competent in social services and guardianship of minors, signed with the autonomous authorities of the Canary Islands. There are similar agreements with Ceuta and Melilla. Few times in parliamentary history had the opposition forced the Chamber to validate these discretionary actions of the Executive with its votes and, of course, it had never happened with the arrival of migrants until the irruption of the extreme right in the Basque political scene. Martínez Grisaleña has bragged about it on the rostrum and assured that there is a “call effect” and that a “multi-colored” world is being sold to foreigners when there are not even policies for indigenous youth. “Vox does not say it, the Lanbide lists say it,” he has ironized about the high youth unemployment. And he has left phrases such as “they prowl our neighborhoods” despite the fact that his intended objective was not to “criminalize” unaccompanied foreign minors. Finally, he considered the volume of “ore” in the Basque Country to be “outrageous”. With this agreement, 15 will reach a territory that has had more than 900,000 tourist arrivals in summer.

Since the beginning of the legislature, PNV, EH Bildu, Elkarrekin Podemos-IU and PSE-EE – although in this case with some exceptions – do not reply to Vox’s proposals. For this reason, only the spokesman for the PP and Citizens coalition, Carmelo Barrio, has come to the rostrum to dialectically counter the arguments of this party, although he has not used his second turn either. “With all my affection, I do not think that the opposition approach is the best. If a Spanish autonomous community asks for collaboration, we cannot turn our back on it,” Barrio emphasized. He has also asked that debates and arguments not be “mixed” and recalled that the power to expel foreigners does not fall on the autonomous communities, neither the Canary Islands nor the Basque Country, but rather the central government. “Mrs. Martínez, we share the concern that illegal immigration creates in our country. It is clearly complicated at the borders of the European Union. It is massive immigration that puts the lives of so many people at risk and has social, health and social dimensions. security “, has argued Barrio. But he has teased: “If the capacities of the autonomous community of the Canary Islands are exceeded, that should generate solidarity in the rest of the communities. There is collaboration and understanding in the rest of Spain.”

The rest of the parties have limited themselves to carefully following the presentation of Martínez Grisaleña from their seats and pressing the ‘no’ button in the vote on the Vox proposal. It so happens that the debate comes after a young woman who was a candidate for this party in a 2015 election denounced in Vitoria that she had been attacked by a group of four Maghreb minors. After a detailed investigation, the Ertzaintza has communicated to a court that it understands that this complaint is false and that the young woman simulated the crime. Not only that, the Security Advisor, Josu Erkoreka, has already slipped that this false report was made to criminalize a very determined group.

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