Friday, February 23

79 PP deputies were wrong in a vote in Congress on criminalizing harassment of women who go for abortions

The error of the PP deputy Alberto Casero in the vote on the labor reform in Congress, which allowed it to be approved, was not the only one that occurred yesterday afternoon. 79 of the 89 representatives of the party in the Lower House were wrong in a vote on criminalizing harassment in front of voluntary interruption of pregnancy clinics, an initiative promoted by the Socialists and that the PP had rejected for having “clear ideological bias”.

The PP deputy who mistakenly allowed the labor reform to be approved entered the plenary session after the votes

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The vote was divided into two parts. The deputies were first asked about the opinion of the bill, prepared by the Justice Commission, and then about the text as a whole. As it is an organic law, it is voted on separately. In the first round, held after the confusion caused by the imbroglio with the labor reform decree, there were 284 votes in favor, 65 against and 0 abstentions, a wide and strange consensus, since to add those numbers the opinion needed the support also of almost a hundred deputies who had announced their vote against. As reported by Cadena SERpopular sources acknowledge that there was a “human error” that led 90% of the popular bench to vote the wrong way.

The reconstruction they make of what happened is that the person in charge of defending the party’s position in this opinion had to indicate with one finger, two or three (yes, no or abstention) the direction of the vote to the rest of the group. That deputy was wrong and caused almost her entire group to vote in favor of the law among the surprised faces of her colleagues. According to the SER, one of the representatives who made a mistake was Alberto Casero, who also voted remotely for that law, so his mistake was not a consequence of the indication of the deputy in the chamber.

The error did not go further since the proposal had enough support and a rejection of the ‘popular’ would not have prevented its approval. In fact, after realizing the error, in the second vote, that of the text as a whole, all the PP deputies voted against the law, which was approved by 204 supports (59% of the seats in the chamber), and 144 ‘nots’.

The proposal thus culminated its journey in the Lower House after the majority of groups approved processing it in September. The text includes a reform of the Penal Code to punish with jail those who harass and harass women who go to these clinics to have an abortion. The PSOE deputy Laura Berja was in charge of defending the law on the platform. She described it as a “parliamentary story” and harshly criticized the PP for its rejection of the text by having chosen, “once again, together with Vox” the wrong side “.

The changes include that not only those who harass women who go to these centers to have an abortion will be punished, but also that the law will prosecute the harassment of the health workers and directors of the clinics and the public health personnel who intervene in abortions.