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8 simple and exquisite recipes with avocado to give creaminess to your ‘brunch’

TO John Pozuelo we have seen it in Kitchen Channel teaching how to make your kitchen easy and identifiable for those who want to try to make it at home; a kitchen without any special requirements, with the food we would eat every day, but with a wink or a little game, a gastronomic puzzle or a dream of its own, as we were able to verify in a collaboration with the family of chefs from The Stone of Aldealcorvo in Madrid.

We also saw him at the presentation of La Roja de la Cocina Junior, surrounded by his future chef students, to whom he teaches his passion for roots in tradition, stews and the use of the spoon.

Next, we coincided with him as a jury member of the II International Contest for the elaboration of Patatas Bravas and, finally, we attended a show cooking of rrecipes with avocadowhere he cooked with the 100% guacamole with pieces of mild or spicy pulp and the avonesa (avocado mayonnaise) from Patalvo on the Fruit Attraction fair.

As the truth is that they were super simple, original, fun and delicious, we have asked them so that you can reproduce them at home calmly.

the saltiest

Mini mackerel and avocado sashimi taco

  • Cover two clean mackerel loins with salt and leave to salt for five minutes. Wash and dry. Shred.
  • Chop a spring onion, a hot chili and mix.
  • Toast four corn tortillas in a frying pan and remove to the plate.
  • Place the mackerel cut into strips, the spring onion and the chili on top of the tortillas, and on top of it a quarter of a coarsely damaged avocado, salt, pepper, a squeezed lime and a bunch of curly parsley.

Chicken flea with mango chutney

  • Prepare a mixture of 30 g of breadcrumbs and 20 ml of milk, add 250 g of minced chicken meat, salt, ginger powder, a clove of garlic and pepper and knead. Form four pieces the size of the loaf.
  • Toast the pieces of meat and the bread on the grill.
  • Assemble four bread fleas with the meat, a julienned onion, a large sliced ​​sweet and sour gherkin and slightly seasoned sliced ​​avocado.

Savory potato waffle with avocado and mango

  • Fry 300 g of sliced ​​potatoes until they are half broken as for an omelette.
  • Mash a mango and dice an avocado, season and add squeezed lime and a few chili flakes.
  • Mix the potato with three eggs, season and form the waffles.
  • Finish by covering with the avocado and mango dots on top.

Quick avocado-based recipes

avocado mayonnaise

A fun and interesting solution for hamburgers, hot dogs, sandwiches.

  • Take equal parts of mayonnaise and very ripe and mashed avocado. Give it the point you want with lime juice, something spicy, like hot chili or chilli flakes, or use some Tabasco.
  • Put it on top of your favorite hamburger before closing the bun, and enjoy.
  • It’s a wonderful sauce to put on top of a good hot dog.
  • A fantastic option for a good Mexican breaded seafood taco.

Avocado Vinaigrette:

  • A different and super rich way to dress your salads.
  • Finely chop onion and pickle brunoise, add some diced tomato and season with EVOO and a good vinegar. Add salt and pepper and mix well.
  • Finish by adding the avocado cut into fine dice and ready to bathe your salad!

Avocado filling for eggs:

  • Funny eggs filled entirely with vegetables.
  • Finely chop the onion and leek and fry them until they are well poached. Let it cool.
  • We are now going to add mayonnaise and avocado, and work it up by seasoning it with salt and pepper.
  • If you dare, give it a little more joy with some spice and citrus.

sweet recipes

Rice pudding and avocado foam

Indeed, we tried this Juan Pozuelo dessert in his showcooking and it will blow your mind.

  • Blend an avocado with two dl of cream and 100 g of sugar.
  • Crush a quarter of a liter of rice pudding finely, heat and dilute three sheets of hydrated gelatin, leave to cool.
  • Whip three dl of cream with 150 g of sugar and mix gently with the almost cold rice.
  • Mount the avocado mixture in the bottom of a cup or glass and place the rice foam on top with a pastry bag. Let stand one hour and serve with cinnamon powder.

avocado bonbons

This recipe is not from Juan Pozuelo, but we share it with you here because it is a virguería of Arantxa López, gastronomic consultant:

  • Toast eight whole and previously raw hazelnuts and set aside.
  • Chop a handful of pistachios into small pieces in the food processor and set aside.
  • Open an avocado, empty it and put it in a bowl.
  • Add five tablespoons of grated coconut and mix until integrated.
  • Add two tablespoons of peanut butter and two of pure cocoa powder and mix until integrated.
  • Finally, add the chopped pistachios and do the same again until all the ingredients have been well integrated. There will be a consistent mixture that we will put in the fridge for two hours.
  • Melt 85% chocolate in a bain-marie adding a teaspoon of coconut oil to make it more fluid.
  • Make balls with the mixture by inserting a hazelnut inside (we will use a dispenser or some spoons to make them round).
  • Dip the balls in the chocolate carefully and with the help of a few teaspoons. Let rest for a few minutes on a plate covered with parchment paper and decorate with fleur de sel flakes, pistachios, peanut butter or whatever you like best.
  • Put in the fridge for a couple of hours.
  • When the chocolate has hardened, they are ready to eat.

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