Monday, March 4

88.2% of deaths correspond to people without a complete vaccination scheme, says the Minsa

Given the increase in positive cases of Covid-19, the authorities of the Ministry of Health (Minsa) reiterate the call to the population to be vaccinated to avoid hospitalizations and deaths. They also ask to redouble biosafety measures.

The call to be vaccinated is formulated indicating that it is the correct decision in light of the reality shown by the numbers of deaths and hospitalized in Intensive Care Units (ICU), according to the report of epidemiological week 51, on the situation of Covid-19 in Panama, prepared by the Minsa.

The report reveals that 88.2% of people who have died as a result of Covid-19, from February to December 24, did not have a complete vaccination schedule. Only 11.8% of the deceased did have a complete vaccination schedule.

While in Intensive Care, 70.6% of the patients admitted by Covid-19, do not have a complete vaccination scheme and among those hospitalized, the majority, 54.6%, do not have the complete vaccination scheme either.

The report indicates that positive cases exceed the number of recovered from week 45 to 51. At week 51, 2,282 positive cases and 1,430 recovered were reported.

Given the increase in positive cases, the call to the population to redouble biosafety measures such as correct use of the mask is reiterated, hand washing, physical distancing and use of face shield.

The Minister of Health, Luis Francisco Sucre, recommended that the population avoid taking children and the elderly to shopping malls and other places with a large influx of people while insisting that they maintain biosecurity measures.