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9/11 attacks: this is how the Internet reported the attacks on the Twin Towers | Digital Trends Spanish

In 2001, communication revolved around television. Digital media were taking their first steps and they still did not dream of live broadcasts. There were no social networks like YouTube, Twitter or Facebook. And if there were few who had a cell phone, not even dreaming of having one with a built-in camera. Without these platforms, How did the internet report the 9/11 attacks?

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Using the tool Internet Archive’s WayBack Machine, we went back 20 years to rescue how the internet portals of the main US media reported on the events that impacted not only the United States, but the entire world.

America under attack –

CNN / Internet Archive screenshot

“United States under attack.” In this way, the US network CNN reported on the attacks. The site described that when the first of the two planes crashed into the World Trade Center (WTC), it began a “horrible and apparently coordinated terrorist attack” against the United States.

“Terror struck the heart of the security of the United States,” he recounted in one of the sections, specials, where CNN offered one of the most complete coverage of the day, having a chronology of events, national and international reactions, photographs, videos and audios. coverage

Terrorists attack New York and Washington – New York Times

Home New York Times - 9/11 attacks
Capture / Internet Archive

The New York Times It is the main newspaper in the Big Apple and, in that capacity, it was one of the privileged witnesses of the events of September 11. “Terrorists Attack New York and Washington,” headlined the lead article in its online edition. The information was accompanied by sidenotes that warned of the possible hundred victims and the chaos in Manhattan.

In addition to accompanying the coverage with videos, photographs and infographics, the newspaper also provided data of public utility, such as a list of emergency telephone numbers, blood donation centers in the city and information on schools.

New York Times coverage

Hell engulfs New York – Washington Post

Washington Post - 9/11 attacks
Internet Archive

The day after the attacks, the digital edition of The Washington Post noted the attackers unleashed a “shocking air assault on the centers of military and financial power in the United States, killing hundreds and possibly thousands.” Like other media, it also reported on the evidence against Osama bin Laden and collected testimonies from telephone calls from passengers on the crashed planes.

Washington Post coverage

Terrorism Strikes Home – CBS News

CBS Cover - 9/11 Attacks
Capture Internet Archive

Chain CBS News he also did extensive coverage of what he called “one of the worst days” in America. “Terrorists organize a devastating synchronized attack on American soil, against the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, and killing thousands of Americans,” he said.

The portal implemented an interactive special in which it showed a sequence of events, maps of the attacks, photographs, videos and a profile on Osaba bin Laden.

CBS News coverage

Wave of terror shocks the nation – USA Today

USA Today cover - 9/11 attacks
Capture Internet Archive

With then-President George W. Bush’s warning to “punish those responsible,” the online edition of USA Today gave an account of the destruction caused by the attackers. “Thousands are feared to die in coordinated attacks,” the site acknowledged. It also included the first suspicions of the United States against Osaba bin Laden, the impact on air flights.

USA Today coverage

Suicide planes hit the World Trade Center – Los Angeles Times

Los Angeles Times Home - 9/11 Attacks
Capture Internet Archive

As a “horrible sequence of destruction,” the online edition of the Los Angeles Times described the terrorist attacks. It also included statements by then-President George W. Bush, assuring that freedom would be defended, and the support of world leaders. In other notes, he highlighted that the “icons of the American Dream” had been destroyed and gave an account of the impact that the incident had had on multiple activities.

Los Angeles Times coverage

America Under Siege – Wall Street Journal

Wall Street Journal cover - 9/11 attacks
Capture Internet Archive

The Wall Street Journal (WSJ), a financial American newspaper also featured special coverage of the events. “America Under Siege” was the name of the WSJ special, in which it offered a complete list of WTC workers. In addition to reporting the closing of the stock market, it warned about the negative effects of the event on the US financial system and on the economic recovery in Europe.

Wall Street Journal coverage

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