Sunday, August 1

90 deaths confirmed by the collapse of the building in Miami

Search teams at the sinister residential building in Surfside, South Florida, have rescued four more bodies, bringing the provisional death toll from the collapse to 90.

The city councilor, Daniella Levine Cava, has reported that the number of disappeared by the incident is located at 31, while the number of people located is 217, in view of the work of the detectives who participate in this operation and that has allowed updating the list of those who resided in the 12-story building.

Levine Cava has added that the search crews are also monitoring the air quality, in view of the possible risk of toxic asbestos in the place, and has said that all those involved in the work carry the appropriate equipment.

Surfside Mayor Charles Burkett has said that the site of the Champlain Towers South Building, built in 1981, today “is a very rugged place, and conditions are very harsh.”

Spokesmen for the fire brigade have indicated that they foresee that in the course of the next week they will have completed the task of recovering bodies, accelerated after the demolition that was carried out a week ago of the part that was left standing. The mayor has reported that to date, which is the 18th day of work, 14 million pounds (six million kilos) of concrete and rubble have been collected.

Two relatives of the first lady of Paraguay identified

Levine Cava has indicated that so far 71 fatalities have been identified.

This Sunday, the Miami-Dade Police reported that the bodies identified include the other two nephews of Silvana López-Moreira, the first lady of Paraguay: Alexia Maria Pettengill López-Moreira, 9 years old, and Anna Sophia Pettengill López-Moreira, 6 years old.

Both are the daughters of Sophía López-Moreira and Luis Pettengill, both 36 years old, whose identities had already been identified by the authorities, as well as the youngest of the children, Luis López Moreira III, 3 years old, and the nanny Leidy. Luna Villalba, 23 years old.

The president of Paraguay, Mario Abdo Benítez, and his wife arrived in South Florida early Saturday morning to meet with their relatives in the wake of the event.

According to what the Paraguayan consul in Miami, Justo Apodaca, told Efe, the family does not plan any funeral ceremony in Miami and once the six bodies are recovered they will proceed to their immediate repatriation to Paraguay.

Among the victims identified is another minor, Lorenzo de Oliveira Leone, 5 years old.

In the wake of the partial collapse, the Miami-Dade government has been quick to search for other buildings in South Florida that may be in trouble, including the county courthouse located in the center of the city.

A team of engineers has identified structural problems in the 28-story building and recommended the temporary closure of the 16th floor down.

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