Wednesday, July 6

90% failures in History of Philosophy: a commission investigates the brutal hit in a court of the EVAU

On June 8, 9 and 10 the university entrance exams (EBAU) were held in the Valencian Community, exams that this year have not been exempt from controversy either, despite the fact that they have passed about 98% of the 24,500 students who have submitted to the last call – the next one will take place between July 6 and 8 -.

If two years ago it was because of the mathematics exam, this time it was one of the History of Philosophy exams in court number 14 of the University of Valencia (on which more than a dozen institutes depend), which has 90% of the students with grades that are mostly between zero and three were suspended, some marks that contrast with the rest of the courts in which they vary from four to seven.

In statements to Nius, both teachers and students suspect that there has been a problem in the correction of the tests that has caused the generalized failures, since they do not consider that the exam was excessively complicated. Second year high school students had to choose between four texts by Thomas Aquinas, Descartes and Nietzsche, answer a series of questions and comment on the issues raised.

The centers and the affected students have announced that they are going to present claims for the correction to be reviewed, measures that are added to the allegations that the affected students may submit individually. From the Department of Universities they have explained to that, for the moment, they have only received one claim, which has been transferred to the University of Valencia: “The management commission, which is the body that organizes the access to university, he will be in charge of studying what has happened “. “It will be necessary to see what has happened and, if any error is detected, to solve it”, they maintain.

Thus, an investigation will be opened and all the claims of those students who “are not happy with their grade will be resolved. The correctness of the exam will be re-evaluated and this review will be carried out before the end of the pre-enrollment period for the university”, and that clarify that “Our goal is not for people to fail.” For this reason, the Department encourages students who feel harmed to file claims, “always following the regulatory path.”

From the University of Valencia, for their part, they point out that, for the moment, the number of complaints received “does not differ significantly from those of other years”, while explaining that they observe the behavior of all subjects and all courts: “We always analyze all the circumstances and causes, and the results in aggregate terms, because it is part of the process. It is studied and corrective measures are taken.” Thus, they point out that the evaluations in this subject “have been, in general, lower than previous years. The trend is generalized”, although they acknowledge that the results of court number 14 are below those levels.