Saturday, December 4

99.7% of Bitcoin investors are in profit

According to a survey taken after the highest daily close in Bitcoin history, most buyers are still profiting.

It’s worth noting that although Bitcoin’s historic high of $64,800 was reached on April 14, 2021, the currency’s price plummeted on the same day and the close on that date was $62,900.

But last Tuesday (19), the currency closed at $64,200, the largest daily recorded in Bitcoin history.

This quote leaves virtually all Bitcoin buyers at a profit, with a small percentage still at a loss.

Most Bitcoin buyers are in profit: 99.7%

The optimism with the new Bitcoin price increase in the market may be a phenomenon far beyond the market potential that this movement has, since it also registers an important fact: 99.7% of Bitcoin buyers are in profit.

This information was shared by Glassnode after the daily close of Bitcoin, showing that even those who bought recently already operate with a good revenue in digital currency.

“99.705% of Bitcoin stock is currently in profit. Congratulations to all $BTC HODLers at the highest closed daily market in history.”

Most Bitcoin Buyers Are On Profit /Credit: Glassnode

The expectation of more confident traders in the good moment of Bitcoin is that the price continues to rise, as the price broke the previous top and even surpassed US$ 66,000 this Wednesday (20th).

A recent forecast by analyst PlanB stated that by the end of October Bitcoin would be quoted at $63,000, which has been confirmed so far. If that happens, he believes that in November it will reach US$ 98,000, surpassing the US$ 100,000 barrier by December.

As Bitcoin has broken the maximum, it is possible that some investors will take their profits on market positions, as they do not know what could happen. Recently, the author of the book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” warned that Bitcoin purchases are close to historic highs, as they are not moments of insecurity in the market.