Tuesday, March 21

A 15-year-old boy kills his parents and his brother in Elche

A 15-year-old boy has been arrested in Elche as the alleged perpetrator of the shooting death of his parents and his 10-year-old brother, after a possible discussion due to poor grades, police sources have confirmed. The triple homicide occurred last Tuesday at a home in the district of Algoda in the municipality of Elche.

The events could have originated, according to the first hypotheses, after a strong fight between the young man and his mother, who cut off his Wi-Fi for having failed five subjects and refusing to carry out tasks in the field.

The boy then took a shotgun and shot the mother dead. He then also shot his brother and his father with the same gun when they discovered what had happened.

Apparently, the alleged murderer lived with the three bodies for a few days until he confessed the facts this Friday to relatives who asked about the absence of his parents.

After denouncing what happened, the young man confessed the facts at the Elche Police station, where he was detained.