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A 16-year-old would be the leader of the Lapsus$ hacker group | Digital Trends Spanish

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In just a few weeks, the Lapsus$ hacking group has threatened to attack major technology companies and has already succeeded in some cases, such as Microsoft and Samsung.

The problem is that not much was known about this group of hackers, which drew attention from the beginning since it does not operate like other organizations of this type. For the same reason, a group of researchers set out to investigate the origins of Lapsus$ and what they found surprised everyone.

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According to an article in Bloomberg, the intellectual author behind Lapsus$ would be a 16-year-old teenager who lives with his mother in Oxford, in the United Kingdom. According to investigators, the woman is not aware of the activities of her son, who goes by the pseudonyms WhiteDoxbin or Breachbase on the internet.

Although the investigation found up to seven accounts associated with the group of hackers, it is believed that this minor would be the main responsible. The problem, for now, is that experts have not been able to link the teenager “conclusively to all the hacks that Lapsus$ has claimed”, so it is difficult to know if the authorities will be able to take any action in this regard.

For now, the identity of this young man has not been revealed because he is a minor and because he has not been charged with any crime. The researchers assure that, along with him, another adolescent who lives in Brazil also operates, in addition to a group of at least seven people who would already be identified and who also joined the group.

According to the investigation, WhiteDoxbin’s computer skills are quite high, even at one point it was thought that some of the group’s actions were automated or carried out by bots.

Coinciding with the publication of this investigation, the Lapsus$ group announced on its social networks that it was taking a break.

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