Monday, September 27

A 19-year-old footballer of the Afghan youth team dies after falling from a plane trying to flee

Zaki Anwari, a player for the Afghanistan youth soccer team, was one of those killed when he fell from a plane trying to escape the country a day after the Taliban took Kabul, the sports organization reported on Friday.

“It is with great sadness that we report that Zaki Anwari, one of the players of the country’s youth national soccer team, died in a serious accident,” the Afghanistan Directorate General for Sport and Physical Education reported in a statement.

According to the government institution, Anwari, who was among the hundreds of young people who wanted to leave the country, “died in an accident after falling from a US military plane.”

Dramatic scenes of hundreds of people trying to flee the country in any way began to unfold on Sunday hours after the capital fell under the control of the Taliban and Afghan President Ashraf Ghani fled Afghanistan.

Chaos at the airport

Since then thousands of people unleashed chaos at the airport trying to board repatriation flights, although many of them did not have documents, travel permits or tickets.

Videos disseminated on social networks showed a US military aircraft type C-17, from which several bodies detach in the air, which, according to witnesses, were people who clung to the outside of the plane before taking off.

The US Air Force confirmed last Tuesday the discovery of human remains on the wheel of one of its aircraft, while indicating that an investigation based on the circulating videos is underway to determine what happened.

According to the US force, the plane arrived in Kabul to deliver equipment and assistance for evacuations, but given the rapid deterioration of the situation in Kabul and at the airport, it decided to take off quickly to leave the place.

On that day at least six people died in incidents that occurred inside the airport.