Tuesday, January 18

A baby is born in a Tesla while driving on autopilot | Digital Trends Spanish

Philadelphia has seen the birth of the world’s first “Baby Tesla”.

In accordance with local media, a woman in Pennsylvania’s largest city gave birth in the front seat of a Tesla while it was driving on autopilot. Yiran Sherry and her husband Keating Sherry were taking their three-year-old son Rafa to school.

At that time, the woman’s water broke, but they were trapped in traffic, making it impossible to go to a hospital. The contractions appeared and since the baby’s birth was imminent, the husband put the vehicle on automatic pilot after setting the navigation system to the hospital.

Yiran Sherry’s waters broke while the family was stuck in traffic.

The baby was born before reaching the hospital and nurses cut his umbilical cord on the front seat of the car. The couple named little Maeve Lily, though they considered calling her Tess, in homage to the automaker.

This birth is good news for Tesla and its automatic navigation system, as its image has been splattered several times by the controversy of accidents. In August of this year, a Model 3 caused an accident by colliding with two other vehicles that were stopped on the road.

The car crashed into a police car on a highway while another driver had been pulled over to assist. Fortunately, only the driver of the Tesla and one of the stopped vehicles suffered minor injuries.

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