Saturday, May 21

A Belgian newspaper refuses to publish Hungary’s advertising against the EU: “No government should dictate how we talk about love”

The Belgian newspaper De Standaard has dedicated a page of its publication to defend LGTB rights against the attempt of the Hungarian Government of Viktor Orbán to spread advertising campaigns against the European Union in the press. The space that would have occupied that advertising has instead the colors of the LGTB flag – but with a variation in the order to also make the Hungarian flag – and the messages “No government should dictate how we talk about love” and “Legislation I should not distinguish love from love “, referring to the homophobic legislation promoted by Orbán that prevents, among other things, talking about sexual diversity in schools.

In a Article, published in Dutch, editor-in-chief Karel Verhoeven defends the newspaper’s exceptional decision because it is too “cynical” to sell a “media space” to the leader of a government that has restricted press freedom in his country. “The law passed by the Hungarian Parliament underlines this cynicism. It prohibits information to young people about homosexuality and also limits the expression of homosexuality and transsexuality in public space,” he argues.

For Verhoeven, it is a violation of human rights and calls for “counteracting” from the freedoms that we currently have a law that wants to dictate “what love is legitimate” and how you can “talk about love.”

Likewise, the publication La Libre, also Belgian, announced to his readers last Friday that they would not find within its pages that campaign for the “freedoms” that is taken with respect to the facts.

The campaign of the Government of Viktor Orbán consists of a complete page with a series of proposals from Hungary on the “threat of mass migration and pandemics” and where he charges against the European Parliament “for representing his own interests”. “In Brussels they want to build a superstate for which nobody gave authorization. We say no to the European Empire”, you can read at the beginning of the announcement.

In Spain, that advertising campaign was published a few days ago on ABC. In it, in addition, Hungary defends that “decisions must be taken by elected leaders and not by international NGOs”, after several organizations have warned of the danger of Hungarian law, which “is unprecedented in the EU.” They are organizations such as the Háttér Association, for the defense of LGTBI rights, or Budapest Pride, which have recalled that this legislation is very similar to the one that Russia approved in 2013 on “gay propaganda” and that it led to an increase in homophobia in that country.

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