Wednesday, August 17

A boat, bitcoins and ‘ghost’ mortgages: properties and investments of the directors of Castilla y León

The directors of the Junta de Castilla y León, both those of the Popular Party and those of Vox, have already made public their declaration of patrimonial assets where their homes, bank accounts, loans, vehicles or investments are collected. The advisers of the Santiago Abascal party have included assets that until now had not been seen in the high positions of the regional government: the pleasure boat and the mooring right of the vice president of the Board, the investments in bitcoins of the Minister of Culture (Vox ) and even ‘ghost’ mortgages, whose assets are not expressly listed in the declaration of the Minister of Industry (Vox).

The regional president, Alfonso Fernández Mañueco, details his assets a little less than in 2019, when he took office for the first time. On this occasion he informs of a house from inheritance in Salamanca with a cadastral value of 96,235 euros and a 50% sale price (98,686 euros). The ‘popular’ has 3.5% of a rustic property in Villaverde de Íscar (56,073 euros) and, in assets, two current accounts (7,054 euros) and a fixed term (3,000). He also has two vehicles, both at 50%: a second-hand BMW 530 XD acquired in 2009 and a Volkswagen Golf Advance 1.6 TDI from 2010. The report also reflects a mortgage loan of 219,010 euros and a pension plan of 4,579 euros.

In the last legislature, Mañueco claimed to have a deposit (50%), a pension plan, another investment plan, a universal legal plan and general insurance, whose value amounted to 158,000 euros. On this occasion, the section on shares and participations in company capital, public debt securities, investment funds, certificates of deposit and other securities has been left empty.

The vice president of the Junta de Castilla y León, Juan García-Gallardo (Vox), does not have a home or a mortgage in his name, but he does have a 2016 Range Rover Evoque and a Solas III/Q/4 pleasure boat acquired in 2018 It is also the holder of the mooring right in Puerto Chico, in Santander. The Treasury could value García-Gallardo’s Range Rover right now at a figure between 14,000 and 20,000 euros.

He has 153,082 euros in a current account and has 20% of the family law firm García-Gallardo Gil-Fournier, SL, which has a value of 168,609 euros. Gallardo, 31, also claims to have collection rights for professional invoices worth 115,498 euros. It is this amount that the vice president referred to at the beginning of the legislature when he said that he entered politics “to lose money.” García-Gallardo assures that he has the right to receive said amount –which does not necessarily correspond to an annual salary–, although it is unknown when or under what conditions. In addition, he has a loan of 7,618 euros and three savings insurances for an amount of 13,912 euros.

The first to openly acknowledge investing in bitcoins is the Minister of Culture (Vox), Gonzalo Santonja, who for a decade received two public salaries thanks to the PP and went from communism and support for the nationalist left to the extreme right. Santonja claims to have 4,357 euros in bitcoins, in addition to three homes (Madrid, La Losa –Segovia– and Béjar), almost half a million euros in bank accounts, a pension plan and shares in various companies.

The one who has ‘ghost’ mortgages is the Minister of Industry, Mariano Veganzones, who until now was head of the technical area of ​​the Economic and Social Council (CES) of Castilla y León, although he has also been secretary of the CES for years and coordinator of the Employment Counseling from 2019 to 2020, with Ciudadanos directing that area.

Veganzones has the usufruct of a house in Valladolid (cadastral value: 96,240 euros) and 16% of a house of which he has bare ownership and which has a value of 50,817 euros. However, these assets do not seem to be related to the mortgage loans that the Minister of Industry claims to have: he is co-owner of 50% of two mortgages amounting to 106,222 and 19,841 euros. These mortgages could be in the name of Veganzones (and one or more other persons) for the benefit of a third party, but no further information is provided in this regard.

Outside Castilla y León, only the Minister of Culture (Vox), the Minister of Agriculture (Vox) and the Minister of Family (PP) have housing. The cadastral value of Gonzalo Santonja’s home in Madrid is 173,532 euros. The head of Agriculture and Livestock, Gerardo Dueñas, says he has a home in Cantabria with a cadastral value of 58,320 euros. Despite the fact that the table that all the councilors have completed includes the heading of ‘municipality’, the councilor has not specified where his home is. Nor has he specified how many bank accounts he has (with 208,632 euros) and how much his shares are worth, which will exceed approximately 10,000 euros: 1,736 shares of BBVA, 1,488 of Santander, 52 of Mapfre and 681 of Telefónica are from listed companies, but he also has , 25 shares of Inversalia Patrimonio.

The Family Minister, Isabel Blanco, has a home in Madrid, about which she does not provide more information. This Madrid home of Isabel Blanco already appeared in the 2019 documentation. In these years, the declaration of assets of the rest of the directors has changed little.

Some of the councilors who have repeated in the Government of Castilla y León after the elections of February 13 have swelled their bank accounts: in 2019, the Minister of Economy -Carlos Fernández Carriedo- had 72,000 euros and this year he speaks of 120,000 euros . The Minister of Education, Rocío Lucas, has gone from 55,200 euros in bank accounts three years ago to 133,000 euros. The Minister of the Environment, Juan Carlos Suárez Quiñones, now has 16 rustic properties in Riello (León) and has also ‘retired’ his Seat León, which he had at 50%. In the year 2020, he bought a Volkswagen Golf.

The cadastral value of the home, garage and storage rooms of Jesús Julio Carnero, advisor to the Presidency and former president of the Valladolid Provincial Council, has risen in these two years. In addition, the Toyota that he claimed to have acquired in 2018, according to the new report, would have been purchased in 2019. The mortgage loan has also risen: from 124,000 euros in 2019 to 171,000 in June 2022.