Wednesday, October 27

A bottle in Barcelona leaves 30 arrested and 39 injured

Thousands of people have gathered this morning on the beaches of Barcelona to make a bottle, when Plaza Espanya was shielded by police officers, on a night in which scenes of robberies with violence, vandalism, such as burning of vehicles or breakage of shop windows, and looting in nearby establishments. According to a provisional balance, the incidents have resulted in 30 arrests and 39 injuries, sources from the Generalitat Police and the Medical Emergency System (SEM) have reported.

Of the 39 injured people, 16 have been transferred to a hospital or outpatient clinic to be treated, and 15 of them presented a less serious condition. Another 24 had minor injuries.

The Mossos and the Barcelona Urban Guard shielded the Plaza Espanya area after a large bottle of 40,000 young people took place there at dawn from Friday to Saturday, which led to acts of vandalism and attacks, with a balance of 22 detainees, some 40 wounded –13 by stab weapons– and considerable material damage.

Thus, in Plaza Espanya, controls and access filters and perimeter closures were carried out, but this time the macro-bottle has been transferred to the city’s beaches, mainly Bogatell, where large amounts of packaging and waste have accumulated.

According to various witnesses, the police presence on the beaches of the Barcelona coastline was scarce and small groups of young people dressed in black and with their faces covered, apparently organized, have taken advantage of the situation to intimidate and rob other people.

Later there have been clashes with the police and the night has ended with at least one charred vehicle and several broken shop windows and restaurants, some of which have also suffered acts of looting.

Nine SEM units have intervened in the incidents, of which two were advanced life assistance units.