Sunday, August 7

A box by pieces for your PC by pieces, the new and striking proposal of Teenage Engineering

Teenage Engineering has made a name for itself with DIY designs like its accessories for IKEA speakers, or the small portable console Playdate created with the help of the Panic team. Now his new proposal is called Computer-1, And it is a desktop PC case that you have to assemble yourself from thin aluminum sheets.

Bend, screw and go

The design slightly reminds me of the collections of Meccano pieces that I had when I was younger, based on metal plates that you can bend in thinner parts designed for it. The size of the box is mini-ITX, smaller than a conventional tower. Makers want Computer-1 not to take up too much space on the desktop.

computer 1 teenage engineering lateral

computer 1 teenage engineering trasero

On its side there is a hole to place the ventilation, and in the back we have the adequate spaces to be able to place the connections and the SFX power supply. If you are thinking of mounting a PC inside that box to play, don’t worry: fits a dual graphics card (occupying two slots) up to 170mm.

On the front we have a headphone jack (jack 3.5mm) and a USB-C port. A little higher up there is also a metal power switch, old-fashioned and turned on by pushing it up or down.

The price of the box is 195 euros, and of course you have to buy the internal components that we will install inside it separately. There are bigger and cheaper boxes out there, but for those who want an original tower while being simple this can be a good option. It must have already attracted attention, because in the official store indicate that the initial stock has already been depleted.