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A bug in Microsoft Teams blocks calls to 911 in Android 10 | Digital Trends Spanish

Microsoft Teams is a very useful tool for communication and management of work environments, which more and more people use due to the pandemic. For its part, Android is one of the most used operating systems in the world, but the mix of both is causing some problems: in the United States, various users cannot call 911 with Teams installed on their phone.

The first reports of the bug appeared in Reddit, where a user revealed that after a traditional phone call, he tried to reach the emergency number on a Google Pixel. However, doing this the phone crashed: while the 911 call was still in the background, the microphone stopped working and you basically couldn’t explain to the person what the emergency was.

The person repeatedly replied to the problem and even found that 911 calls weren’t even recorded in the phone’s log, just as if they had never made them. And the problem affected only the emergency number, because when calling any other, the Pixel responded without failures.

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Fortunately, the message reached Google, which confirmed that it is indeed a bug that affects phones with Android 10 (it was not specified if any model only Pixels). And the error occurs when 911 is called with the Microsoft Teams app installed, but only when the user is not signed in.

“We have determined that the cause of the problem is an unintentional interaction that occurs between Teams and the operating system,” he explained Google on Reddit. “And because it affects emergency numbers, both Google and Microsoft have made it a high priority.”

Google will release an update for Android 10 on January 4 that will correct the bug; Microsoft will do the same with Teams, but on an unspecified date. In the meantime, the recommendation is that Android 10 users who have Teams installed log in and maintain it, or uninstall the application and download it again.

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