Friday, November 26

A car crashes into a Wisconsin Christmas parade, killing at least five

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From jubilation to screams of horror in a matter of seconds this Sunday in the streets of Waukesha (Wisconsin). A car rammed into dozens of people who were participating or attending a Christmas parade in this town in the suburbs of Milwaukee, the main city of the state. Waukesha Police Department authorities confirmed the existence of “Multiple deceased”, at least five, while 28 people had to be transferred to hospitals in the area, with varying degrees of severity. Among the attacks were more than a dozen minors.

It was shortly before 4.40 in the afternoon (11.40 at night in Spain). People were cheering for the nearly 60 groups that marched as part of the holiday celebrations and the 125th anniversary of the founding of Waukesha when a red Ford Escape – a large SUV-style vehicle – entered the course and lunged at everyone in front of him.

In videos posted on social networks, the car is seen driving at top speed in a crowded street and ramming participants who were parading in orderly lines and against people who were on the sides, enjoying the parade.

Several streets away, the car left the parade path and fled. The driver was detained by the security forces, that they had to shoot the fleeing car and the suspect ended up in police custody.

Although it has not yet been confirmed by the authorities, there are US media that assure that the suspect arrested is Darrell Brooks, a 39-year-old black man who had been in trouble with the law. It was only two days since he had been released from prison on probation after posting a $ 1,000 bail for various misdemeanors.

Angelito Tenorio, who is running for Wisconsin State Treasurer, was at the parade and said, speaking to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, that “saw a van cross, just stepped on the gas and accelerated speeding along the parade route. ‘ “And then we heard a loud roar, and only deafening cries and screams from the people who were run over by the vehicle,” he added.

“Today our community was met with horror and tragedy in what should have been a celebration,” lamented the mayor of the city, Shawn Reilly.

The incident adds tension to a state that has placed itself at the center of America’s ideological battle. Last Friday, a jury acquitted young Kyle Rittenhouse for the deaths of two people in last year’s race riots. It happened in Kenosha, less than an hour from Waukesha.

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