Monday, December 5

A chicken with a camera causes an incident at a military base in Girona

A chicken with sensors and a camera has caused an incident at the Sant Climent Sescebes military base (Girona). The presence of the bird, which was tied up, alone and motionless, in the middle of the maneuvering area, led the base to call the Mossos d’Esquadra to check what it was.

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Once there, the agents have seen that the camera had a label that said “Universitat de Girona, fauna study”. In addition, the presence of the Mossos alerted the biologist responsible for the hen, who appeared to explain that all this was part of a scientific investigation and that he was unaware that this was an area of ​​exclusion.

Once the mystery is solved, the Mossos have returned the hen and the recording equipment to the biologist, who was carrying out an investigation on the eagle fasciata – thus, the reason why the hen was tied in the middle of the field was to attract the predator .

Once the misunderstanding was cleared up, the agents took the biologist to the police station to take a statement and check the documentation on the investigation. Likewise, they have instructed informative proceedings for the court.