Friday, February 23

A Chinese inventor builds a powerful power bank | Digital Trends Spanish

Today’s power banks and portable chargers probably aren’t big enough and powerful enough, at least for most users’ requirements.

For the same reason, a young Chinese inventor created his own power bank.

Handy Geng was tired of using a much smaller battery than his friends, so he turned to ingenuity to make a powerful power bank.

According to what he points out, his invention has a capacity of 27 million mAh, which would be enough to charge about 5,000 phones with 3,000 mAh batteries.

Thus, it is likely that the person will never have to recharge it if they only use it for their smartphone.

What is striking is that Geng builds most of the project, including a protective frame and the wiring to run about sixty power ports.

The image shows a Chinese inventor who built his own power bank.

Another relevant aspect is that the power bank is not only used to charge phones, it can also produce enough energy to simultaneously power large electronic devices.

In fact, in a video uploaded to YouTube, the inventor shows how he uses several devices at the same time, while fishing on the banks of a river. Of course, all of these appliances, including a TV and a refrigerator, remain connected to Geng’s power bank.

The man already has experience with this kind of flashy projects. Previously, the Chinese transformed a piano into a mobile grill and built a computer case to launch rockets, among other unique inventions.

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