Sunday, January 29

A coach in Murcia is arrested for sexual assault against five minors from his team

The National Police reported this Tuesday the arrest of a 29-year-old man in the Murcian district of Churra for alleged sexual assault against five minors whom he trained in a local soccer team. According to police sources, the coach -of Spanish nationality- arranged meetings with minors in secluded places and alone outside of training and without the club’s record.

The man, taking advantage of his superiority over the minors and the trust placed in his figure as a coach, offered them a supposed improvement in their physical capacity by practicing contact physical exercises that consisted of push-ups “and, while the minors performed them, the detainee took the opportunity to get on top of them and maintain contact with their private parts”, according to police sources.

The relatives of the victims reported the events to the National Police, which does not rule out that there are more victims who have not filed a complaint out of fear or shame. Not only from the current club, but from other clubs where he has already worked as a coach, so the investigation remains open. The man has been arrested and brought to justice.