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A company wants you to try “celebrity meat” | Digital Trends Spanish

A company has the flashy idea of ​​making sausages out of what they call “celebrity meat.”

Bitelabs is behind this unique project. This is a company that became known for developing laboratory meat. However, everything indicates that this time they have taken their original idea much further.

“Today, in vitro meat production is close to becoming a reality, offering highly controllable meat production without the animal cruelty, waste, and environmental impacts of industrial farming,” the company explains on its site.

The intention of Bitelabs is to produce a product similar to the “meat” of some celebrity, for this, they propose to collect “satellite cells from celebrities and then turn them into salami (or salami)”.

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From the firm they recognize that this project can be controversial, for the same reason they have made an effort to explain well what it would consist of and how they would treat the samples voluntarily delivered by the famous.

To develop celebrity meat, we are working with a group of biological engineers and food designers, most of whom have requested to remain anonymous due to the controversial nature of the product.

From Bitelabs they even indicate that they have already obtained some responses from people who offer biopsies.

“Most of the responses have been very positive, but of course some people are a bit uncomfortable with the idea of ​​Bitelabs, but it will be a matter of time until we can push the boundaries of technology and society,” they add.

As they wait for celebrity approval for their cells to be cultured into mass-produced sausages, the company envisions some of the recipes they could offer.

For now, they explain that the most popular preparation is “Jennifer Lawrence’s salami that will be complemented by a pork mixture.”

Undoubtedly an idea that generates more controversy than appetite.

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