Tuesday, September 26

A convoy of trucks collapses the A-31 in La Roda due to the carriers’ strike

A convoy of trucks on the A-31 between La Roda and La Gineta, in the province of Albacete, has collapsed the road this Wednesday, coinciding with the carriers’ strike that is hindering traffic towards Madrid and also towards Valencia on the A- 27, as reported by the General Directorate of Traffic.

According to CM MediaSome 200 trucks are circulating very slowly between La Gineta and La Roda and are causing more than ten kilometers of retention.

The intention is to reach La Roda, turn around and head towards Albacete, until reaching Chichilla. In other parts of the region such as Alcázar de San Juan, in Ciudad Real, there are also complications due to the presence of information pickets that prevent the movement of trucks, especially at the entrances to the industrial estate, where more than thirty of drivers who support the strike.

There are also difficulties between Fuente El Fresno and Malagón, where since Monday there is an information picket on the N-401 that connects Ciudad Real with Toledo. On this road pickets stop trucks and delivery vans for fifteen minutes. This Wednesday tractors from the area have joined the protest, according to CMMedia data.

Today is the third day of strikes in the transport sector, called by the minority Platform in Defense of the National and International Road Freight Transport Sector in which incidents such as those of yesterday in the Bierzo region have been repeated, where rows of trucks were also staged that hindered circulation in the area

It is an indefinite strike that does not have the support of the main organizations in the sector, both employers and unions. In fact, just yesterday CEOE-CEPYME Guadalajara called for “respect for the companies and freelancers who are working.”

“We respect the position of those who decide to support the strike, but we also demand unmitigated respect for self-employed workers and companies that decide to continue their activity,” the employers’ association in Guadalajara assured in a statement condemning “any type of violent action, and above all if it puts at risk the integrity of the people who are carrying out their work day. The drivers who are supplying the Spanish markets are frightened by the threats they are suffering from the protesters”, assured CEOE-CEPYME.

They also wanted the situation to normalize “as soon as possible” and demanded “dialogue and respect” as the best advisers.