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A corgi is the symbol of the brutal Chinese rigor to control Delta | Digital Trends Spanish

The Delta variant The SARS-CoV-2 virus once again has China’s health authorities on alert, however, what was experienced on Friday, November 12, in the city of Shangrao, in the southeastern province of Jiangxi, is worth the lack of sense. common.

It turns out that a large residential building suffered a COVID-19 outbreak and health inspectors determined that they needed to disinfect the community.

In this place lives a lady named Fu, who was promised that during her quarantine they would not do anything to her little corgi dog that accompanied her. However, as a macabre symbol of the severity of the Chinese regime, images and the story were viralized on the social network Weibo, where the health authorities are shown cornering the pet and ready to beat it and throw it into a yellow plastic bag.

“Did the leader say we have to solve it right here on the spot?” One of them can be heard asking. “Yes,” answers the other, while proceeding to move a table under which the corgi was hiding and then hit the animal on the head with the lever. The dog whimpers and runs off camera into another room.

The death of the dog caused massive protests in the Chinese population, which currently lives with 1,300 cases of the Delta variant throughout the territory.

In a statement late on Saturday, November 13, the local government of the Xinzhou District, where the complex is located, confirmed that the dog was killed as part of the need to “thoroughly disinfect” the community’s houses.

Mrs. Fu managed to write a post on Weibo, which was later deleted:

“The dog tried to avoid the beating and fled to the room, and therefore it was not recorded by the surveillance camera, but I could hear slight moans. A few minutes later, they said that they had treated him and that they would take him away, holding a yellow plastic bag in their hands… Even now I don’t know if my dog ​​is alive or dead, and where they have taken him ”, he added.

The most outrageous thing for the Chinese is that the animal was not even subjected to a PCR test, which magnifies the incident. In this regard, what the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says is essential: there is no evidence that animals play a significant role in spreading the virus to people.

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