Saturday, July 24

A court condemns one of the authors of the attack against Catalunya Ràdio in 2017 to pay 5,400 euros

The criminal court number 22 of Barcelona has sentenced to pay a fine of 1,080 euros and compensation of 4,333 euros to one of those responsible for the attack on the Catalunya Ràdio studios on the afternoon of October 27, 2017. The judge imposed a penalty on him six-month sanction with a daily fee of 6 euros as responsible for a crime of damage caused at the door of the station, which must also be paid. The sentence states that a group of violent men threw stones and an iron padlock against the facade and knocked on the door with a helmet.

The perpetrator of the events, according to the resolution, is recognized in the images but considers that the door that he kicked was not the automatic one that gives access to the entrance of the building, but a manual opening door. He defended himself arguing that they were “moments of tension” and that he was “obfuscated”, but that he did not want to hurt. The sentence, however, considers it proven that the author participated in the attack “directly” and with “intention” and an “obvious” attitude of harming.

The condemned man participated in a demonstration with 800 people with Spanish flags coming from the Plaza de Artós and heading to the Plaza España in Barcelona on the day of the declaration of independence. The attack prevented the radio workers from leaving the premises for a long time, although none of the attackers managed to enter the studios.

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