Wednesday, August 10

A court orders the removal of LGTBI symbols from the building of the Madrid City Council groups at the request of Vox

Vox insists on its particular war against LGTBI groups. The Contentious-Administrative Court No. 18 of Madrid has upheld the very precautionary measure requested by Javier Ortega Smith, spokesman for the extreme right-wing party in the Madrid City Council, against the placement of LGTBI flags or banners in the Municipal Groups building, located at Calle Mayor 71. Said court orders the “provisional withdrawal” of the banner “until a final judgment is issued that puts an end to the process, or until it ends.” The flag was hung by left-wing opposition groups in said building during the Pride festivities after the mayor, José Luis Martínez Almeida, refused to do so at the Plaza de Cibeles City Hall.

Almeida argued that there was a Supreme Court ruling that prohibits displaying other flags or symbols on institutional buildings and headquarters next to the national standard, something that, however, was not so clear to Citizens since Deputy Mayor Begoña Villacís disagreed and assured then that he was going to do “everything possible” for the mayor to change his mind. In addition, another sentence of an Aragonese court rectified that guideline and admitted its placement, and the opposition groups appealed to it.

This time, however, the Madrid court has considered, among other things, the presentation in plenary session of a proposal promoted by those of Ortega Smith in which it was requested that the Madrid City Council “comply with Law 39/1981, of 28 of October, the judgment of the Supreme Court 1163/2020, of May 26, 2020” and other current regulations regarding “the prohibition of displaying unofficial flags or banners of an ideological nature outside public buildings that break with the due neutrality that institutions must have”, “thus fulfilling the duty of neutrality of public buildings”, according to the extreme right in a statement.

The car, however, only analyzes urgently and limited to the placement of unofficial flags or banners outside a building or public space and “not what it represents, as Vox has defended, in the face of accusations, known to all, poured out against them”, they say.

The far-right formation, in its statement, celebrated the judicial decision and affirmed: “Once again VOX, in the face of manipulation by the left, numerous media and groups of different kinds that have tried to politicize a petition that only sought to preserve the neutrality of public buildings, has managed to get the Justice to consider and support their claims”.

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