Monday, July 4

A cousin of the Colombian National Security Advisor, among those arrested for the murder of Moise



The Presidential Advisor for National Security of Colombia, Rafael Guarin, has reported that Manuel Alberto Grosso Guarín, one of the Colombian ex-military detained for the assassination of the president of Haiti, Jovenel Moise, is his cousin.

Guarín has emphasized in any case that does not know Grosso Guarín and that throughout his life they have not had any treatment “not even at the family level,” according to the Colombian station W Radio.

In a statement, Guarín explained that after learning that the detainee shares his last name and that he was born in his father’s region, he consulted with his family if they had any relationship considering that one of his cousins ​​had been a professional soldier.

“My father informed me that the man is the son of one of his ten brothers,” he said. By the way, he said that justice agencies must investigate and determine the corresponding responsibilities.

“The perpetrators of the abominable murder of the president Jovenel Moise They must respond to justice with the highest penalties that may be appropriate, “he stressed.

A former Colombian military

The 41-year-old Colombian ex-military officer had arrived in Haiti on June 6 of this year from Punta Cana, according to the Colombian newspaper ‘El Tiempo’.

Likewise, Gustavo Bolívar, senator of Colombia, has shared Guarín’s image in a Twitter post: «This is Manuel Antonio Grosso Guarín, one of the ex-Colombian military personnel of the mercenary team that, according to Haitian authorities, would have assassinated the president of That country”

The Haitian Police have reported the arrest of a total of 19 persons related to the murder of Moise, 17 of whom are Colombian. Thus, after these new arrests, of the total of the command responsible for the murder, made up of around 28 people, only one is looking for six more people since three Colombian suspects were killed, reports Radio Caracol.

One of the detainees, Francisco Eladio Uribe Ochoa He was in the Colombian Army until 2019 and was accepted into the Special Jurisdiction for Peace within the framework of the peace agreement with the guerrillas for a false positive case, the murder of a civilian later presented as a murdered guerrilla.

Regarding the theses on the murder of Moise, the former Haitian senator Steven Benoit has questioned the participation of Colombian citizens in the event and has targeted the Moise security officers as responsible for the murder.

Moise was killed in an attack perpetrated early Wednesday morning on his private residence and in which the first lady was also shot.

The ambassador of the Caribbean country to the United States, Bocchit Edmond, already assured that the assailants were “very well trained” and that they posed as agents of the AUnited States Drug Enforcement Agency, the DEA. But Washington has rejected this information and has assured that the DEA has nothing to do with it.

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